Top 10 Most Popular Search Engines In The World 2018

Top 10 Most Popular Search Engines 2018: Everyone knows the Google search engine because most of us use the only Google search engine. But, there are a lot more search engines available on the internet. Also, these search engines serve millions of search queries every single day. You may wonder to know these most popular search engines in the world.

Now the time has been changed and everyone dependent on search engines. Also, students are more dependent on the search engines for searching a question and their queries.

So, search engines affect on every person. Because search engines provide information within a second. Nowadays, everyone before buying any product, searching on the internet to get the information about that product.

Also, if anyone a problem with their smartphone or computer, then they simply search on search engines to solve their problem. So, nowadays search engines play a main role in our life. Here is the list of most popular search engines in the world.

What is a Search Engine?

A Search engine is basically a program or web-tool to search web pages, images, videos and documents on the internet. For example, Google and Yahoo.

most popular search engines

Top 10 Most Popular Search Engines In The World 2018

1. Google

google Most Popular Search Engines

  • Alexa Rank – 1
  • Most Popular Search Engines

Everyone knows Google is the best and most popular search engine in the world. Also, Google is a most Popular website and no. 1 search engine in the world. There is no need to introduce Google. Because Google is a most popular and most visited search engine. Google was founded by  Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998.

Google provides many products like Google Mail (Email service), Search engine, Google maps (Maps and navigation service), Google Plus (Social networking site), Google Drive (Cloud Storage), Google Allo (messaging app), Google Duo (Video call app), Google Translate (Language Translation service), Google Photos, and Google Keep.

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Also, Google provides their other popular services and products like YouTube (Video sharing website), Android (Mobile OS), Chrome OS.

Every Android user uses a Google service. That’s why most users use Google services.

2. Bing

bing Most Popular Search Engines

  • Alexa Rank – 41
  • Most Popular Search Engines

Bing is another search engine that is provided by Microsoft. Microsoft launched Bing in 2009 to compete against Google. Bing is also a 2nd most popular search engine in the world. Microsoft’s has also previous search engine named MSN Search. MSN search was also launched in 1998. But it wasn’t getting popularity like Google.

Now, Bing is also providing the best search results to its users.

3. Yahoo

yahoo Most Popular Search Engines

  • Alexa Rank – 6
  • Most Popular Search Engines

There was a time when Yahoo search was popular. But now the time has been changed. Yahoo is the third most popular search engine in our list. Though, Yahoo is also most popular Email service provider. But, in search engines, Yahoo is on 3rd position.

You may wonder to know, There is no web page is crawling and indexing by Yahoo itself. In 2001, Crawling and indexing was powered by Inktomi. And in 2004, crawling and indexing was powered by Google. Now, these services are powered by Bing.

4. Baidu

baidu search engine

  • Alexa Rank – 4
  • Most Popular Search Engines

Baidu is a Chinese search engine. It serves billion of search queries every month. Baidu is also a 4th most popular website in the world. In China, mostly all users using the Baidu search engine. The Alexa Rank of is 4.

Baidu was founded on 18 January 2000. Also, Baidu is most visited and popular website in China.

5. Ask

ask search engine

  • Alexa Rank – 119
  • Most Popular Search Engines

So, is another popular search engine. is also known as Ask Jeeves. In 1996, was founded by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley, California.

In, you put a question in a query and you get the answer from the results. So, it is based on the question-answer method. But, you can also search for web pages like Google and Yahoo. is not good as other search engines.

6. AOL

aol search engine logo

  • Alexa Rank – 294
  • Most Popular Search Engines

AOL is also known as America Online. It is also a famous search engine. There are many most popular websites (TechCrunch, Engadget, Huffingtonpost) are operated by AOL. AOL was acquired by Verizon Communications for $4.4 billion in 2015.

7. DuckDuckGo

duckduckgo logo

  • Alexa Rank – 469
  • Most Popular Search Engines

DuckDuckGo is also a popular search engine that doesn’t track its users. The slogan of DuckDuckGo is “The search engine that doesn’t track you”. DuckDuckGo was founded in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg.

So, there are a lot of features provided by DuckDuckGo search engine. This is another best search engine for those users which are preferred for privacy. Because DuckDuckGo doesn’t track its user’s activity.

8. Wolfram|Alpha

  • Alexa Rank – 1618
  • Most Popular Search Engines

WolframAlpha is a Computational Knowledge Engine. WoframAlpha was founded by Stephen Wolfram in 2009. This is not a simple search engine to search web pages. WolframAlpha is a different type of search engine. The results are based on facts and data.

9. Yandex

Yandex logo search engine

  • Alexa Rank – 1844
  • Most Popular Search Engines

Yandex is the most popular search engine in Russia and it is a Russian search engine. It was launched in September 1997. Though, According to ComScore, Yandex is a 4th most popular search engine in the world. Yandex is also popular in some other countries like Kazakhstan and Belarus. Ukraine blocked Yandex in May 2017.

10. Search search engine

  • Alexa Rank – 4810
  • Most Popular Search Engines is also a simple search engine. It is operated by CBS Digital Media Group. is not so famous but, it is a simple and a great search engine. You may not get excellent search results as Google in

Other Popular Search Engines

11. DogPile

  • Alexa Rank – 5067

12. Exite

  • Alexa Rank – 9641

13. ixquick

  • Alexa Rank – 5039

14. WebCrawler

  • Alexa Rank – 3191

15. Info

  • Alexa Rank – 8115

Final Words

So, these are the most popular search engines in the world. Also, there are many more search engines on the internet. But these are most popular and most visited search engines.

Though, Google is most popular and most visited website in the world. But there are so many alternatives available like Bing and Yahoo.


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