6 Things You Can Do With Google Keep

Google Keep is used for creating and saving the notes. But you can do more with Google Keep. Google keep is best for writing quick notes in android. It also synchronizes with your Google account.

Google Keep provide more features than only writing the notes. If you are using Google Chrome browser then it’s also available for google chrome and you can use it in Google Chrome browser. The best thing about google keep is, it saves your notes in your google account.

You can also use google keep in any browser with keep.google.com link. Some other apps also available for notes, like Evernote and OneNote by Microsoft. Here’s we discuss the things you can do with Google Keep.

Best Features By Google Keep:
  • Colorful Interface and Easy to use.
  • Location Based Reminder.
  • Voice, images, drawing Notes.
  • Voice To Text.
  • Fetch notes from images.
  • Good homescreen widget in android phone.
  • Easy and Simple organization of notes with search and archive.

Things You Can Do With Google Keep:

1.) Grab Text From Image:grab image text

If you want to fetch text from any image, You can grab or fetch text from the image with Google-Keep. This is the best feature in google-keep. Because you don’t need any other application to grab text from the image. If you are not using a mobile phone, you can grab text from an image by open keep.google.com from any browser in PC. Here’s How To Grab Text From Image In Android And PC.

Pros of Grab Text from Image:

  • You can save text anywhere by copying it after grabbing from the image.
  • If you want to save the text that is in the image and you don’t want to save as image.
  • Making notes from images.
2.) Use Google Keep as Shopping List:shopping list google keep

Yes, you can also use Google-Keep for the shopping list. There is no need of any other app for the shopping list. There is an option in Google-Keep to creating a list. This list can be also useful for a shopping list. At the time of shopping just check the mark of the item after buy that item.

3.) Access Your Notes Anywhere and Anytime:

Google saves all data of their all products in one account. The data of Google keep is also Synchronize to your google account. If you want to open notes, then open keep.google.com link and sign in with your google account.

You can access your notes anywhere and anytime from any PC and Mobile by open keep.google.com. There is no need of download application of Google-Keep. Just open this link in any browser to open your notes and create new notes.

4.) Speak To Text:speak to text in google keep

You can use Google-Keep to convert voice to text. With this, you are able to save your notes in text format by speaking. Your recording is also saved in notes.

5.) Saves Your Notes In PDF format In Android And PC:

You can also save your notes in PDF format with Google keep and Google Docs. Here’s How To Grab Text From Image And Save As PDF In Android And PC

After grabbing the text from the image, click on copy to Google Doc. After that, open google doc and save your note in PDF format.

6.) Reminder with image:

Google Keep is also used for set reminders. It integrates with Google calendar when you set a new reminder. You can also add an image in reminder with Google-Keep. This is very useful when you want to add the image in reminder. When you add a new reminder in Google Keep, Your reminder is also shown in Google Calendar.

  • It Support Time and Place reminder: Mostly apps provide time based reminder, but Google-Keep also provide the Place reminder. This is also unique feature from Google-keep.

You can also add drawings and images in notes.


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