Top 10 Best Online Game Websites | 2018

Top 10 Best Online Game Websites: It doesn’t matter how old you are, You may love to play the video games. Pro gamers play the video games on PlayStation, XBOX or PC. However, to play the heavy games, you will need a powerful computer. But, there is one alternative available. You can play online games on your PC or laptop. In this modern era, everyone has a PC/Laptop and an internet connection. That’s why most of the people prefer to play online games. Also, you don’t need to download the games on your PC.

However, There are tons of online game websites available on the internet. But, most of the websites are not so good, because some spam websites may contain malware and viruses. So, here is the list of best game websites to play games online without worrying about spam, malware, and viruses. You just need a PC/Laptop and an internet connection to play games online. These games also work on low specification computers because most of the online games are flash based browser games.

Moreover, there are many categories of games available on these websites. You can play action games, puzzle games, multiplayer games, games for girls, fighting games, shooting games, sports games, and racing games etc.

Online Game Websites

There are many benefits to playing video games. You can feel relaxed after playing the online games. Also, it helps to improve brain speed, coordination, social skills, and problem-solving skills.

Top 10 Online Game Websites

Below is the list of sites.

1. Y8

Y8 online Game Website website started in 2006, and it is one of the best and top online gaming sites. It has more than 63k games with 12 different categories including sports games, driving & racing, shooting, thinking, action & adventure, fighting, skill, ROG etc games. The Alexa rank of this website is 649. You can also play multiplayer games on Y8. More than 300 multiplayer games available on this site.

You can browse and play your favorite games by searching or category. Also, Y8 website available in 22 different languages and you can select your language easily from the homepage. However, you can create an account on Y8, but it is not necessary. You can play games without registration.

2. MiniClip

miniclip logo was launched in 2001 and is a largest & leading online game website. It offers unique and multiplayer games that are available only on Miniclip. Also, it has much more gaming categories than other sites. The Alexa rank of Miniclip is 1962.

Miniclip also provides the games for mobile phones. You can download games on your Android and iPhone devices. There are more than 1 billion Miniclip game downloads on mobile phones. 8 Ball Pool is one of the most popular games from Miniclip. After that the popular games on Miniclip are, Tanki online,, Flip master,, Happy wheels, Double trouble, Basketball starts, and Little big snake.

You can change the language of Miniclip website. Also, the registration is optional and you don’t need to create an account.

3. Pogo

pogo online games was launched in 1999 and is owned by Electronic Arts. It is one of the oldest websites in its category. Pogo has a nice collection of 200 games with categories like a puzzle, word, card, and board games. This website offers classic Hasbro games and multiplayer games. You can also make friends on Pogo.

Some popular games on this website are chess, spider solitaire, and bejeweled. However, you can play games on Pogo without registration. But, it offers free and paid registration with extra benefits. So, it’s your choice whether you want to create an account or not.

4. Big Fish Games

Big fish games website was launched in 2002. It offers more than 2000 online games with downloadable games for Windows PC, MAC, iPhone, and Android. The Alexa rank of Bigfishgame is 5852. There are almost all genres of games available on this site.

You need to create an account to use this website. Without sign in, you can’t play the online games. Moreover, it provides its country-specific websites (11 global sites available). So, you can open the big fish game website in your language. Some popular games from this website are Big Fish Casino, Bush Whacker 2, Hidden express, Cubis gold 2, and Dreamfields etc.

5. Addicting Games

Addicting games was launched in 2002. It is a most popular online game website in the US with more than 10 million monthly users. You can play Strategy, Car, Shooting, Sports, Action, Puzzle, Funny, Zombies, Word, and RPG etc games. It also offers its users to review and rate the game. So, it is quite easy to find the best games with a rating and reviews.

The Alexa rank of Addicting games is 9652. There are few multiplayer games available and this is the major drawback of this website. However, you can play games without registration. But, you need to create an account to review and rating the games.

6. Kongregate

Kongregate online games

Kongregate was launched in 2006 and it is a leading web gaming portal. It has more than 110k online games. With the 1605 Alexa rank, it is one of the most popular gaming websites. Also, it offers all categories of games and multiplayer games.

It is quite easy to find the best games on Kongregate website. On its homepage, it shows the Hot new games, Highest rated games, Most played games, Mobile games, and top games of the month. To play the games, you don’t need to create an account. Because the registration is optional. Registration gives features like chat, highest score, rate and reviews the games etc. Mutilate-a-Doll 2 is a most played game on Kongregate.

7. Armor Games

Armor Games is another popular website in this category with its 3845 Alexa rank. A lot of categories available on ArmorGames like MMO, Shooting, Action, Strategy, Adventure, Puzzle, and Idle. It also offers games for Mobile phones. You can download Armor Games in your Android and iPhone.

Armor Games was launched in 2004. However, the registration is optional. But, You need to create an account for some games. Also, it is easy to find popular games because it shows the popular games on its homepage. Some popular Armor games are The King Of Towers, Mighty Party, Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunter, Holiday City Reloaded, and Wartune etc.

8. ShockWave

Shockwave online game websites is another oldest online, downloadable, flash, and multiplayer gaming portal. It was launched in 1998. It contains more than 800 games in all categories like Action, Adventure, Kids & Family, Puzzle, Music & Photo, Racing, Shooting, Word, and Matching games. The Alexa rank of shockwave is 23,377. It gives a sign-up option, but, you don’t need to sign up. You can play online games without sign up.

Moreover, shockwave provides the games to download on your PC. Also, it added new game every week.

9. Games owned by AOL and it provides classic and popular games. On, You can play online games without creating an account. There are only a few games available on this website with few categories like Board, card, Casino, and Puzzle.

10. FOG

fog games (free online games)

Want to play free and high-quality online games, is perfect for you. FOG gives some extra categories of games like Defense, flying, and 3D games. It gives an option to browse the most played and top-rated games. So, you can easily find out by popularity.

When you open website, you will see the hundreds of games on its homepage. The Alexa rank of is 32685.


So, guys, these are the best online game websites. Though, these websites provide Flash and Java-based browser games. So, You don’t need to download the games on your PC. You can play these games on your browser. However, other websites are also available on the internet. But, these are the trusted and spam free sites. Write in the comment section if you know about another good gaming website.

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