Search Engines List (Top 50)

Looking for Search Engines List? Nowadays, search engines are a part of our life. Everyone uses the search engines on the web to find any information or web pages. Google search engine is commonly using to search any query. Also, Some other popular search engines are available like Yahoo, Bing, and Duckduckgo. But, there are tons of search engines available on the internet for different requirements.

Mostly, All people using the Google search engine for all type of search queries. But, sometimes, it is better to use other search engines for a particular search query. For example, if you are searching for icons then, there is a search engine available to find only icons. Similarly, Some search engines give the better result to find images, people, shopping sites, and coupon codes.

search engines list
Search engines list

Also, If you are looking for private or anonymous search engines then, you can find anonymous search engines from the below list.

Search Engines List

Sr. No.NameLinkDescription
1.GoogleGoogle.comSearch Information, webpages, images, news, videos, and everything.
2.BingBing.comSearch webpages, images, news, and videos. any information and webpages, news, images etc.
4. BaiduBaidu.comChinese search Engine for China users
5. ASKAsk.comSearch for questions and web pages.
6.DuckDuckGoDuckduckgo.comSearch engine with no tracking policy.
7.AOLAOL.comSearch web pages, news, and videos etc.
8.Wolframe | AlphaWolframAlpha.comComputational Knowledge Seach Engine
9.YandexYandex.comRussion seach engine for Russion users
10.SearchSearch.comSimple search engine to search web pages.
11.IconFinderIconFinder.comIcons Search engine to search icons.
12.AlternativetoAlternativeto.netFind alternate software/app for any software.
13.AnswersAnswers.comAsk any question to get the answer.
14.TinEyeTinEye.comReverse Image Search (search by image)
15.SpokeoSpokeo.comFind personal photos and videos of any person from social media plateforms.
16.DogPileDogpile.comSearch web pages, images, videos, and news.
17.ExiteExite.comSearch engine to search web pages, news, images, and videos.
18.ZoomInfoZoomInfo.comBusiness search engine (Search Company, People, and Jobs)
19.PeekYouPeekYou.comPeople search engine.
20.YummlyYummly.comRecipes and food search engine.
21.BabyLonsearch.babylon.comSearch web pages, images, games and videos.
22.SimilarSitesSimilarSites.comSearch any alternate or similar website.
23.IxQuickIxQuick.comPrivate Search Engine
24.WebCrawlerWebCrawler.comsearch web, images, videos, and news
25.InfoInfo.comSearch the Web, images, and videos.
26.LmgtfyLmgtfy.comIt Generates Google search links.
27.KiddleKiddle.coSearch engine for kids
28.ActiveSearchResultsActiveSearchResults.comSearch Engine with active search results
29.ZabasearchZabasearch.comFind People in the USA
30.EntirewebEntireweb.comSimple and user friendly search engine.
31.SimilarsitesearchSimilarsitesearch.comFind alternate and similar website for any particular website.
32.LookupLookup.comReal time people search engine.
33.LycosLycos.comOne of the old search engine.
34.MonstercrawlerMonstercrawler.comIt gives the results from Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
35.LooksmartLooksmart.comBasic search engine.
36.InfoSpace.comInfoSpace.comSearch web pages.
37.PicsearchPicsearch.comImages Search Engine
38.SimilarpagesSimilarpages.comFind alternative or similar websites.
39.AllacademicAllacademic.comOnline Journals
40.CompfightCompfight.comSearch for images
41.Social-searcherSocial-searcher.comFacebook search
42.PrivateleePrivatelee.comPrivate search engine with no tracking policy.
43.PeoplefinderPeoplefinder.comSearch for peoples.
44.DevilfinderDevilfinder.comSearch results from Google.
45.WotboxWotbox.comSearch engine with country specific searching.
46.Base-searchBase-search.comAcademic Search Engine
47.RediffRediff.comSeach Engine for Indian users.
48.HulbeeHulbee.comAnonymous Search Engine
49.YippyYippy.comPrivate and Anonymous Search Engine
50.Disconnect searchSearch.Disconnect.mePrivate Search Engine

Final Words

So, Guys, this is the list of search engines. If you are looking for Search Engines List then, this article may helpful for you. There are different types of search engines available on the internet. So, you can use these search engines for better results. Some search engines allow us to find people and images. So, sometimes, these search engines are very useful.

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