Gmail Give Us Two Email Addresses

We all have Gmail account because Gmail is widely use for emails. Many people also create multiple Gmail accounts for many purposes. We always use for Gmail account. Some people don’t know Gmail Give Us Two Email Addresses.

When we create an any Gmail account we get Two email addresses.

  1. First, is
  2. Second is @googlemail.comGmail Give Us Two Email Addresses

Suppose your gmail address is [email protected] if email sends to [email protected] then it also delivered to your mail inbox.

Gmail Ignores dot ( . ) in Email Addresses

Also, google ignored the dot ( . ) in any Gmail address. If your email is [email protected] then [email protected] and [email protected] also same. if message is sent to [email protected] it delivered to [email protected] tips Gmail Give Us Two Email Addresses

Some people also use this trick to create multiple Facebook, Twitter accounts and receive a verification email in same Gmail account.

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