How To Loop YouTube Videos On Android, iPhone And PC

Sometimes, you may need to loop (repeat) YouTube video. No one likes to replay the favorite music video manually again and again. So, here is how to loop YouTube videos. If you are using YouTube from PC (On Desktop), then the desktop version of YouTube provides an option to loop videos. So, you want to repeat your favorite music and other videos, then you need to enable the loop option. However, this option is not available in a mobile version of YouTube. Also, there is no such option in the YouTube app. But, you can also do this on your mobile phone. Because, Here is the one trick to do this on official YouTube app.

Many third-party websites are available to loop YouTube videos. But, for desktop, there is no need to use any third party website. Because YouTube provides this feature itself. You need to install third party app on your smartphone to loop the videos. But, you can also repeat or loop the video in official YouTube app an website.

Many people searching for how to loop YouTube videos and how to repeat YouTube videos. So, here is how to do this on PC/Desktop, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

1. Loop YouTube Videos On PC/Desktop

If you are using YouTube from your PC, then it is pretty easy to do this. However, YouTube provides the keyboard shortcut to restart the video. You can simply press 0 key from the keyboard to restart the video. But, if you want to repeat the automatically, then below are the steps.

  • Open YouTube from any web browser and Play any video that you want to repeat.
  • Right click on the video and click on LOOP option. Loop-YouTube-Videos-On-PC

That’s all. Now the video will be played again and again. There is no need to restart or play the video again and again.

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2. On Android Phone

There are three methods to loop or repeat YouTube videos on the Android phone. Either you can use the official YouTube app or website from a browser or use third-party apps. The mobile version of YouTube website doesn’t provide any option to loop the videos. So, you need to open the desktop version of YouTube from your smartphone. Also, you need to create a playlist to repeat the videos in official YouTube app.

Method 1: (Using Official YouTube App)
  • Open YouTube App and search for any video. Tap on the three vertical dots against the video and tap on the Add to playlist option. After that, Tap on Create new playlist option. Give the name to the playlist and tap on OK button. create new playlist in youtube app
  • Now tap on the Library option from the bottom right of the screen. You will see the playlist name that you created. Open that playlist and play the video.
  • After that, Tap on the down arrow icon against your playlist name below the video. You will see the repeat icon. Tap on repeat or replay iconrepeat or replay icon

That’s all.

Method 2: (Using Browser)
  • Open Chrome browser from your Android smartphone and open You will be redirected to its mobile version.
  • Open the desktop version of YouTube. Tap on the three dots from the top right of the screen and tap on Request desktop site option. After that, you will see the desktop version of YouTube. Enable Request Desktop Site On Chrome
  • Play any video and tap and hold on the video and tap on the Loop option to loop the video. (TIP: Tap on the full-screen icon to view the video on full screen)
Method 3: (Using Third-party apps)

First of all, you need to download and install ListenOnRepeat app on your Android smartphone. Below is the link to install this app from Google play store. You can also search and install this app from Play Store.

  • Open the app after installing it. Search for any video and play the video. The video will be playing again and again in a loop. ListenOnRepeat app to repeat youtube videos

Note: You can also play the YouTube video while the screen is off. Just press the lock button while playing the video. The video will be played in the background.

So, it is easy to do this with an app. You don’t need to open the desktop version of YouTube. Because sometimes the desktop version is not worked properly on the mobile phone.

3. On iPhone and iPad

You need to install “YouRepeat” app on your iPhone and iPad. This app is developed by JUPITECH PTY. LTD. So, Open App Store on your iPhone and search for a YouRepeat app and install this app on your device.

  • Search and play any video in the YouRepeat app. Tap on the video and you will see a repeat icon button. Tap on this button.
  • After that, you will see the ‘Repeat counter’ pop up. Type the number how many times you want to repeat the video. After that, tap on the SAVE button. yourepeat app to loop youtube videos on iPhone

That’s all. Now you can play the video in a loop.

Other features of the YouRepeat app:

  • Repeat the video.
  • You can play the video while a screen is off.
  • Watch videos on full screen.
  • You can see the list of recently played videos.

Final Words

This is the guide on how to loop YouTube videos on PC, Android, and iPhone. However, YouTube doesn’t provide its loop option in its official app. But, you can do this with these third-party apps. So, if you are tired of repeat your favorite music video manually, then you can use these methods to play the video.

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