12 Cool Google Play Store Tricks And Tips

Here are 12 Cool Google Play Store Tricks And Tips: Everyone uses the Google Play store for searching and downloading the apps and games on their smartphones. The Google play store has a collection of a lot of apps, games, e-books, and movies. So, everyone uses the play store for searching the new apps and games, download the apps and games, and update the downloaded apps and games. But, there are many other features available in Google play store to use it like a pro. So here are the best tips and tricks of Google play store.

The Google play store also helps to update the apps and games to bring the new features on apps. Also, you may surprise to know some tips and tricks.

12 Cool Google Play Store Tricks And Tips

12 Cool Google Play Store Tricks And Tips

1. Update Google Play Store

Google makes changes in ‘Google play store app’ from time to time. Also, Google adds new features in Google play store in every update of Google Play Store. You can not find a Google Play Store app in Play store to update it. Google Play Store app is updated automatically. But, you can also update google play store manually. So, it is necessary to update Google Play Store to access the latest features of Play Store. It is very easy to update google play store.

»How to Update Google Play Store?

  • To update Google Play Store, Open Play Store and Go to Settings. Tap on Build Version.

tap on build version play store

  • If, You will see the message ” The new version of  Google play store will be downloaded and installed.” then, the newer version of Google play store will be downloaded and installed in the background.
  • If Google play store is already up to date, then it will show the message “Google play store is up to date“.

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2. Add Apps In “Wishlist” To Download & Install Later

This is another good feature in Google Play store. It is very useful when you don’t want to download the app when you found. You can use this option to download the apps later when you need.

This feature is also very useful when you have a limited data plan and you found some good apps. And you can use this feature to remember those apps to download later.

»How to use Wishlist in Google Play Store:

  • To add the app to Wishlist, Tap on three dots and tap on ‘Add to Wishlist’ or Open app in Play store and tap on the Wishlist icon.
  • To open list of apps that you added in Wishlist, Open Play store and tap on Wishlist from a menu.
wishlist in play store
Wishlist in Google play store

3. Manage Auto Updates Of Apps:

If you don’t like the auto updates of apps, you can turn off and manage auto updates of apps according to your needs. You can also manage or turn off auto-update for a particular app. If you have a limited data plan on your smartphone, then you can turn off auto update. There are three options to manage auto updates.

  1. Do not auto-update apps: Use this option to turn off auto-update.
  2. Auto-update apps at any time: Auto-Update when updates are available for apps (Not Recommend).
  3. Auto-updates apps over WiFi only: Auto-update apps when you connect to the WiFi Network.

»How to manage auto-updates of apps?

  • To manage auto-updates, Open Google play store and Go to Settings > Auto-update apps.
auto updates apps
manage auto-updates of apps

»How to manage auto-update for a particular app?

  • To manage auto-update for a particular app, Open play store, and open app. Tap on three dots icon and un-mark the “Auto-update” option.
Manage auto update for particular app
Manage auto update for particular app

4. Know Which Apps are Using By Your Friends

The Google play store is integrated with Google+ and you can see which apps are using by your friends. This is also helpful to explore more useful apps. This is a cool feature by Google play store. You must have followed your friends on Google+ to see the apps in play store.

»How to know which apps are using by your friends?

  • To know which apps are using by your friend, open Google Play Store, and Tap on “People” from the menu.
Know Which Apps are Using By Your Friends
Know Which Apps are Using By Your Friends

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5. Use Parental Controls

If children’s are using your smartphone, then this is an extremely useful feature for you. With Parental control, you can hide apps based on the maturity level of the apps in Play Store. Also, you can set the pin code for purchases. You need to turn on Parental Controls to use it.

»How To Use Parental Controls?

  • To turn on parental control, Open Play Store and Go To Settings > Parental Controls and turn on parental control. (Note: You need to set a pin code when you turned on parental control)
Use Parental Controls
Parental Controls

6. Clear search History From Google Play Store

You can also clear the search history of apps, games, and movies from Google Play store. Play Store has an option to clear the search history. Sometimes you want to clear search history of apps, games, and movies. So, you can clear search history from settings of Google Play Store.

»How to Clear search History From Google Play Store?

  • To clear search history in the play store, Open Play Store and go to Settings > Clear local search history.

Clear search History From Google Play Store

7. Early access (Install apps that are under development)

Install apps and games before released from early access. In early access, you can find and install new apps and games that are in development. You can install apps those apps that are not released. If you are Game lover, then you can install games that are under development.

»How To Open Early Access?

  • Open Play Store and Tap On Early Access button.
Early access
Early access

Note: These apps and games are unstable because these apps and games are in development.

8. Editor’s Choice To Find Best Apps

You can find best and high-quality apps from Editor’s choice. Google Play store has a folder of the Editor’s choice. New apps are added at the top in Editor’s choice.

»How to Open Editor’s Choice?

  • To open Editor’s choice apps, Open play Store and Tap on Editor’s choice button.

Editor's Choice To Find Best Apps

9. Explore Apps through The Categories

You can find apps and games through the various categories in both web version and application of Play Store. There are a lot of categories for apps and games, which helps to find new games and apps according to the need of the user. For example, If you are looking for photography and photo editing apps, you can find these apps in the Photography category.

Explore Apps through Categories
Explore Apps through Categories

10. Exclude Specific App From Search Result

You can also exclude the specific app from the search result in Play Store. So, play store provides a way to do this. For example, If you search Photo editor in play store and you don’t want to see any specific app like Fotorus, then you can do this to write ‘Photo Editor -Fotorus‘ in the search bar.

Exclude Specific App From Search Result

11. Turn Off ‘Add Icon To Home screen’ when installing new apps

If you love the clean home screen of your phone and don’t want to add an icon to the home screen at the time of installing new apps, then you can turn off this option from settings. If you are installing new apps and games daily, then it will help you for neat and clean home screen.

» How To Turn Off ‘Add Icon To Home screen’

  • Open Play Store and Go to Settings and turn off ‘Add icon to home screen‘.
Turn Off 'Add Icon To Home screen'
Turn Off ‘Add Icon To Home screen’

12. Install Apps From PC/Laptop

While using PC/Laptop, if you found some good apps in a web version of Play store, then you can install these apps from PC. But, you must log in with same Google account. This feature is also useful when google play store is not working properly in mobile phone or when play store app is slow.

Open Google play Store from PC/Laptop and open app. Click on Install button and select your device. After clicking on Install button the App will be installed on your device soon message will be shown. When you turn on Data/WiFi on your smartphone, then the downloading will start.

13. Play Protect

Google Play Protect is a new feature in Google Play Store to regularly checks the harmful apps. You will receive the notification if any harmful activity or security risks found.

» How To Enable ‘Play Protect’

  • Open Google Play Store and tap on the three horizontal lines from the top left of the screen.
  • Tap on the Play Protect and Enable Play protect. enable play protect

Final Words

Now you can Use Google Play Store Tricks and Tips. Write in a comment, which are your favorite tips and tricks of Google Play Store.

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