20 Best Android Launcher Apps To Customize Phone 2017

Best Android Launcher Apps To Customize Phone: Want to customize your android phone without rooting, here is a list of 20 best Android launcher apps to customize your phone.

The best thing about Android phone is, It supports customization with launchers. You can customize your Android phone with one click. So, Here is the list of the best Android launcher apps to customize your phone. Google also provide their own “Google Now” launcher. Google Now launcher is pre-installed in a pure android phone like Motorola and Nexus mobile phones.

Mostly all companies provide their own Launchers. That are pre-installed on their devices. But, you can download other launchers from Google Play store to customize your Android phone. In Google play Store, there are many best Android launchers available to download. Here we discuss the best android launcher apps to cutomize android phone.

best android launcher apps to customize android phone

After installing the new launcher, The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is completely changed on your Android phone. Your phone becomes more user-friendly with these launchers. There are also some light weight and fastest Android launcher apps available in Google play store.

Everyone loves the customization of a smartphone, that’s why some people root their smartphone and install custom ROM on their phone. But, some people prefer security first and they don’t root their phones. And they customize their phone with Launchers.

Some launchers are not good and also affects the performance of the Android phone. But, If you choose the best launcher for your phone, it doesn’t affect the performance of your phone. If you do not prefer the security of the phone and you have two phones, then You can also Root your android phone without PC/Computer to customize your phone. Here’s How To Root Android Without PC.

Best Android Launcher Apps to Customize Your Phone 2017:

Launchers can be used for customizing the Home screen, icons, and user interface of your Android phone. Here are the best launchers to customize the Android phone. Also, these are the best launcher for an Android lollipop and above.

1. ZenUI Launcher

ZenUI launcher is top ranked in Google play store. This is the one of the best Android launcher. ZenUI launcher is developed by ASUS. This launcher supports all android phones that are running on android 4.3 or higher.

ZenUI launcher best android launcher to customize android phone

In ZenUI launcher, you can set the theme with your favorite color. If you are using ZenUI launcher, there is no need of download app lock application, because it has inbuilt app lock feature. You can customize home screen, lock screen, fonts, icon sizes, and font size with this launcher. You can hide any app with this launcher. Overall, it is the best launcher in PlayStore.

Features of ZenUI Launcher:

  • It’s Free.
  • You can apply your favorite themes, wallpapers, and widgets.
  • Hide App feature.
  • Inbuilt App lock.
  • Customize icon size and font size.
  • Smart search and fast.
ZenUI Launcher
ZenUI Launcher
Price: Free

2. NOVA Launcher

Nova launcher is the another best android launcher in Play Store. It is a fast and smooth launcher. It has more customization options than other launchers. This launcher is best because of its performance and customization options.

Nova launcher best launchers to customize android phone

Nova launcher is also the best launcher for icon lovers. You can find tons of icon themes for this launcher. The paid version of NOVA launcher is a NOVA Launcher Prime and it has more features. You can also hide apps in NOVA Launcher Prime, which is the best feature in the paid version.

Features of NOVA Launchers:

  • It Supports Icon Themes and you can download icon themes from Play Store.
  • Fast and smooth launcher.
  • Customize Application Drawer.
  • Infinite scroll.
  • Color controls.
  • Widgets in the dock.
Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Price: Free


3. Google Now Launcher

Google Now is developed by Google. You can use Google Now launcher to experience pure android. Google Now launcher is pre-installed on pure android smartphones like Nexus and Motorola.

google now best launchers to customize android phone

This launcher is best for using Google services. Google Now launcher support all android phones that are running on android 4.1 or higher.

Features of Google Now:

  • Google now cards.
  • Fast and smooth.
  • Pure Android experience.
  • Free to use.
  • Search anything with voice command.
  • Best for Google services.
Google Now Launcher
Google Now Launcher
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

4. GO Launcher

Go launcher is another stylish and best Android phone. It provides over 10,000 themes to customize your Android phone. Go launcher provides 25 different animation effects. You can also hide and lock apps with this launcher.

Go Launcher best launchers to customize android phone

Go Launcher has 3D effects which make it unique and better launcher than another. It is also a fast, secure and smooth launcher.

Features of Go Launcher:

  • Provide more than 10,000 themes.
  • Hide and lock apps.
  • 3D effects.
  • Fast, secure and smooth launcher.
  • Free app widgets.


5. CM Launcher 3D

As per its name, It is the best Android launcher with the 3D engine. If you love 3D effects, then this launcher is for you. It supports many languages. It has many cool features like 3D Clock and weather widgets. So, make your phone more stylish with cool 3D effects.

CM launcher

CM launcher also provides advanced features like an Inbuilt Antivirus engine, Battery saver and hide apps. Using CM launcher, Your phone looks cool and unique because of the 3D effect.

Features of CM launcher:

  • 3D effects.
  • Inbuilt antivirus engine.
  • Battery saving function.
  • Hide apps.
  • Make your own themes.

6. C Launcher

C launcher is a lightweight launcher with high specs. It has almost all features. If you are using this launcher, there is no need to install apps for clean junk files and speed up the mobile phone. There are a lot of features provided by C launcher.

C launcher

If you are a theme lover then you can create your own theme in C launcher and share a theme with your friends. With high specs, It is a one of the best launcher in Play store for your Android phone.

Features of C launcher:

  • IOS like lock screen.
  • Create themes and share with friends.
  • Hide apps.
  • Inbuilt save battery, clean junk files tool.
  • App drawer.
  • Fast and user-friendly.

7. Apex Launcher

Apex launcher is a highly customizable launcher. This launcher is best for customizing home screen of your Android phone. It also supports home screen gestures and icon packs. Overall, it is a best customizable launcher for android phone.

Apex launcher

If you love to customize the home screen of your phone, then go for it.

Features of Apex Launcher:

  • Home screen customizable.
  • Scrollable dock.
  • Amazing transition effects.
  • Hide apps from drawer.
  • Tons of customization options.
Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher
Developer: Android Does
Price: Free


8. Action Launcher 3

Action launcher is a powerful and flexible launcher with Material Design. It makes the home screen of your phone is more colorful. It has features like Quickedit, Quickbar, Quicktheme and Quickdrawer.

Action launcher

The main feature is Action launcher allows you to import layout from other launchers.

Features of Action launcher 3:

  • Hide and rename apps.
  • Customize google search bar.
  • Import layout from other launchers.
  • Automatically resize icon size.

9. Solo Launcher

Solo launcher is one of the beautiful and best Android launcher. With Solo launcher, you can customize the user interface of your Android device. Solo launcher is also used a Material Design.

Solo launcher

Solo launcher provides optional features like battery saver, app locker, and widgets. It also integrated with speed booster to speed up your device.

Features of Solo Launcher:

  • It supports Quick Gestures.
  • Provide many widgets like clock, weather, battery saver, search widget and boost widget.
  • Thousands of themes and wallpapers.
  • Set photos as icons.
Solo Launcher-Clean,Smooth,DIY
Solo Launcher-Clean,Smooth,DIY

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10. Nano Launcher

Nano launcher is another simple and beautiful launcher to customize your android phone. The main thing is the size of this launcher. The size of this launcher has been just 2MB. Unlike other launchers, this launcher doesn’t provide any unnecessary feature.

nano launcher

Your phone looks fresh with this launcher. It is very lightweight launcher till now.

Features of Nano Launcher:

  • Double tap to lock screen
  • Sort apps by your using habit.
  • Support icon packs.
Nano Launcher-simple&smart
Nano Launcher-simple&smart

11. Holo Launcher

Holo Launcher is also a lightweight launcher with a Material design. This launcher is based on Marshmallow launcher and supported to Android 4.1 or higher.

holo launcher

Holo launcher is new launcher and it makes your phone look new because of it is based on Marshmallow launcher.

Features of Holo Launcher:

  • Based on Marshmallow launcher.
  • Material design.
  • Support icon packs.
  • Infinite scrolling.
  • Lightweight (2.4MB in size)
Holo Launcher
Holo Launcher
Developer: Mobint Software
Price: Free

12. Mini Launcher

Mini launcher is a small and fast launcher with amazing themes. The size of this launcher this launcher is 4MB and it provides a beautiful and amazing user interface.

mini launcher

With less size, it provides more features like hiding apps, Gesture Feature, Themes and icons, Transition effects and more.

Features of Mini Launcher:

  • Lightweight with advanced features.
  • Hide apps.
  • Gesture feature.
  • Transition effects.
Mini Launcher - small & fast
Mini Launcher - small & fast
Developer: Home Plus
Price: Free

13. Next Launcher 3D Lite

This launcher is a best Android launcher for 3D lovers. There is also paid version of the Next launcher with advanced features. It provides amazing 3D effects to make your phone more cooler.

next launcher 3D lite

It provides 3D effects smoothly. If you are 3D effects lover, then go for it.

Features of Next Launcher 3D Lite:

  • 3D effects with a smooth experience.
  • Amazing 3D Transition.
Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite
Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite
Developer: GOMO Limited
Price: Free+

14. Line Launcher

Line launcher is for those who loves line messenger and its stickers. Make your phone more cool with line stickers. This is an official launcher by Line. This is the best launcher for Line lovers.

line launcher

With Line launcher, you can make your phone more amazing and cool. You can add line stickers on your home screen.

Features of Line Launcher:

  • Add Line stickers on the home screen.
  • Smart App-Picks.
  • Smart search.
LINE Launcher
LINE Launcher
Price: Free

15. APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher is also best launcher in Play Store. You can make your phone more stylish and faster with APUS launcher. This launcher is another lightweight launcher to increase the performance your phone.

Apus launcher

It also provides advanced features like battery saver, quick search, and thousands of themes.

Features of APUS Launcher:

  • More than 15000 themes.
  • Battery saver and charge faster feature.
  • Smart and quick search.
  • Lightweight.
  • Built in Phone booster.

Windows launchers to customize Android phone:

16. Launcher 8 WP style

This is another window likes launcher to customize your android phone. If you are a fan of the windows tiles base user interface, then you must try this launcher. This launcher is based on Windows 8 operating system.

win 8 launcher

With this launcher app, You can make home screen of your android phone looks like Windows phone. This launcher also provides unique features like live gallery tile, live contacts tile etc.

Features of Launcher 8 WP style:

  • You can customize the size of tiles as per your need.
  • Support themes.
  • Live gallery tile.
Launcher 8 WP style
Launcher 8 WP style
Developer: XinYi Dev Team
Price: Free+

17. Win 10 Launcher

If you love the windows tiles based user interface, then you can use this launcher. This is the best launcher to customize your phone with windows user interface.

win 10 launcher

The free version of this launcher contains ads. But, you can upgrade to pro version to remove ads.

Features Of Win 10 Launcher:

  • Windows 10 like user interface.
  • Set your favorite theme color.
Win 10 Launcher
Win 10 Launcher
Developer: Spark Planet
Price: Free

Other Best launchers to customize Android phone:

18. Honeycomb Launcher

Honeycomb is the best launcher to access any function fast. You can call your family member or close friends with one click, even in the lock screen. Honeycomb Launcher is one of the best fastest Android launcher.

honeycomb launcher

Honeycomb Launcher
Honeycomb Launcher
Developer: Launcher Apps
Price: Free

19. Air Launcher

Air launcher is also the best launcher for increasing the performance of your device. It provides 3D transition effects, battery saver, and phone booster. It also provides widgets for news and weather forecasting.

air launcher

20. Yandex Launcher

You can customize your android phone as you need with this launcher. The user interface of this launcher is beautiful and provide a lot of wallpapers.

yandex launcher

Price: Free

21. Buzz Launcher

Buzz launcher is another beautiful and highly customizable launcher. You can also create your own customize widget with this launcher. Buzz launcher is a clean, smooth and fast launcher.

buzz launcher

22. Next Launcher 3D Shell

This is another best 3D android launcher ever. If you love 3D effects, you can use this launcher. It is also a highly customizable launcher. This launcher is only for 3D effects lovers.

Next Launcher 3D Shell provides many features and 3D effects with smooth and fast experience.

Features of Next Launcher 3D Shell:

  • Highly customizable.
  • Fast and smooth.
  • 3D Home screen effects.
  • Theme Mix Mode.
Next Launcher 3D Shell
Next Launcher 3D Shell
Developer: GOMO Limited
Price: $16.99+


So, these are best Android launcher apps to customize the Android phone. If you are using another launcher, write in a comment.


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