Top 10 Best File Manager Apps for Android

Top 10 Best File Manager Apps for Android: File manager app is a most important application for every smartphone. With this application, you can organize your data in an efficient way. With the File manager, You can create folders and move data from one folder to another. But now the time has been changed. In every update of every application, many new features are added. So, now you can do more with file explorer/manager apps.  There are many advanced features provided by file manager apps. Some file explorer apps have amazing inbuilt tools like to send files via WiFi (using FTP protocol), Recycle bin, compressed files in ZIP and RAR files, and PC file transfer.

Nowadays everyone uses cloud storage services to save files. That’s why almost all file manager apps also provided the options to access files from cloud storage like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. If your PC and smartphone connected to the same network, then PC file transfer is also a good tool for you.

Most of the Android smartphones have an inbuilt file explorer because every company provides a file manager on their phone. But, in some mobile phones (Motorola, Nexus) you need to download file explorer app from Google Play Store. Also, If you don’t like the inbuilt file manager application of your phone then you can download another from Google play store.

Top 10 Best File Manager Apps for Android

1. File Manager by ASUS

asus Best File Manager apps for Android

File manager by Asus is also compatible with non-Asus devices. This app has a very good interface and runs smoothly. It has features like Access files in LAN and SMB, Support cloud storage (Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox), Compressed files in ZIP and RAR files and explore files by categories.

The user interface is amazing of this file explorer and it has almost all features.

Features Of File Manager By Asus:

  • Simple and Easy User Interface: The user interface of this file manager is amazing and simple to use.
  • Browse Files By Categories: You can find files with different categories like images, audio, video, and documents.
  • Access files in LAN: You can find and manage files within your local area network.
  • Support Cloud Storage: It supports almost all cloud storage services like Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox and ASUS WebStorage.
  • Compress Files: You can also compress files in ZIP and RAR file to save space.
  • Storage Analyzer: Storage Analyzer basically tells which types of files consumes how much memory. But, you can also find large files and Duplicate files in your device memory.
  • PC File Transfer: This is another cool feature, You can transfer files between your PC and smartphone.

google play


es file manager Best File Manager for Android

ES File Explorer is one of the top file manager apps of android (500 million downloads). This file manager is also best for root users. Music and Video players are also inbuilt in this application. It also supports LAN and FTP. This file manager has more features than other file manager apps. There are a lot of tools in ES file explorer like clean junk files, built-in audio player, and download manager etc. And you don’t need to download other apps because of these tools. Here are tips and tricks for ES File Explorer.

Most of the people using the ES file explorer/manager app because of its features and it is a simple and user-friendly app. With ES File Explorer, you can manage and organize your file on an Internal memory of a device, MicroSD card, local area network, and cloud storage. For security, you can create an encrypted ZIP file.

Features Of ES File Explorer

  • Simple and easy to manage files: It has all features to manage files in your device memory, MicroSD card and on a local area network.
  • Built-in Media players: ES File Explorer app has built-in media players for audio and video. Also, it has a built-in image and document viewer.
  • Compress files and Create encrypted ZIP: You can create an Encrypted ZIP file and RAR files.
  • Tools: ES File Explorer provided many tools such as Download Manager, System manager, SD card Analyst, junk file cleaner.
  • Root Explorer: This is the best file manager app for the rooted device.
  • Bluetooth file transfer and WiFi file transfer.

google play

3. Amaze File Manager

amaze file manager Best File Manager for Android
Amaze File Manager

The Amaze file manager is open source and a new file explorer by Team Amaze. It is very light weight and smooth file manager. It also supports multiple themes in which you can change the colors if file manager. This app is useful for root users.

Features Of ES Amaze File Manager

  • It is Open Source and smooth file manager app.
  • Root Explorer.
  • All features of file manager.
  • Material Design and Many themes are available.

google play

4. Astro File Manager

astro Best File Manager for Android

The Astro File Manager is very similar to Windows file explorer. It has many features and built-in tools such as task killer and apps backup. It has also all basic and advanced features to manage files. This file manager supports 13 different languages.

Features Of Astro File Manager

  • Tools: Built-in tools like task or process killer to increase battery life and apps backup tool.
  • All basic features and cloud storage support.
  • LAN support.
  • All basic features.
  • The user interface is similar to Windows file explorer.

google play

5. Solid Explorer File Manager

solid explorer file manager

The Solid Explorer File manager has also good rating in Google Play Store because of its feature. This file manager also supported to root devices. Also, you can change themes and icon sets. Batch Rename feature is also a unique feature in this app (You can change the rename of multiple files at once with a batch editor).

Solid Explorer has almost all features and some advanced and unique features.

Features Of Solid Explorer

  • Hide folder option.
  • Support customization with themes and icon sets.
  • Create Password protected ZIP and 7ZIP file.
  • Support Cloud Services.
  • Batch rename to change the rename of multiple files at once.
  • Storage usage statistics to view information of a file.
  • Support Chromecast.
  • Built-in Media Player and image viewer.

google play

6. File Manager HD

file manager hd Top 5 Best Free File Manager Apps for Android
File Manager HD

This is another best file manager by Cheetah mobile. It is also in top file manager apps for android. It has also all features like compress file, Access Files in LAN, Support cloud storage and WiFi file transfer.

Features Of ES File Manager HD

  • All basic features of File manager.
  • Support Cloud services such as Google drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.
  • WiFi file transfer.
  • Explore files by categories.

google play

7. Apus File Manager

super file manager

If you are looking for a file manager for local file management, then this is best for you. Because for safety, this file manager provides local file management. But, it has almost all features except online features such as cloud storage. It also provides a junk file cleaner tool.

Features Of Aus File Manager

  • All basic features.
  • WiFi file transfer.
  • Built-in Junk files cleaner tool.
  • Local file management for safety and privacy.

google play

8. File Expert

file expert file manager

File Expert is another best file manager that is based on material design. If you like dark themes, then this file manager is best for you (You can change dark theme to light theme). Because it has all features and some unique features. The user-interface is looking so good of File Expert.

File Expert file manager is modern looks app to manage files on your device. It provides many advanced features that you can not find on other file manager apps.

Features of File Expert File Manager

  • Support Multiple Tabs: You can manage files in more than one folder by swipe between tabs.
  • All basic features such as copy, move, delete, rename files and folder.
  • Recycle bin.
  • Convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to PDF file.
  • Batch File Rename to rename more than one file at once.
  • File Shred: It deletes the file permanently and the file can’t recover.
  • LAN and Cloud Storage support.
  • Dark and Light theme.
  • Compress files in ZIP, 7ZIP, tar and RAR file.
  • Safebox: You can save private files.
  • Pattern Lock.
  • Support Chromecast.
  •  Built-in video player and text editor.

google play

9. Tomi File Manager

tomi file manager

Note: This app is removed from Play Store.

This is the fully featured file explorer. It has fresh and unique user-interface. For rooted devices, it is the best file manager. You can hide all types of files for privacy protection and this is another best feature by Tomi file manager.

Tomi File Manager provides app manager, picture manager, music manager, video manager and download manager to manage and organize your files in an efficient manner.

Features of Tomi File Manager

  • Good user-interface.
  • You can hide all files types.
  • Root explorer.
  • App manager, picture manager, music manager and video manager with advanced features.

google play

10. Total Commander – file manager

total commander file manager
Total Commander File Manager

Total commander file manager is a powerful and free file manager app. It does not contain any ads. It also has all features like Compress files in ZIP and RAR files, LAN access, FTP, Cloud storage, Bookmarks, Send files via Bluetooth and built-in text editor.

Features Of ES File Manager HD

  • All basic features.
  • Move icon by long press on the file icon.
  • Built-in Text editor.
  • LAN and FTP support.
  • Built-in media player.
  • Compress files in ZIP and RAR file.

google play


So, these are the top 10 best file manager apps for Android phone. ES file manager and a File manager by ASUS are best, but you can download any other file manager. Some new file manager such as Tomi File manager and File Expert also provided advanced features.

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