How To Go Frame By Frame In VLC Player

No doubt, Vlc media player is the best media player because of its features. Sometimes you want to view the video frames. So, you can go frame by frame in VLC media player. You can see every frame of any video. With this option, you can take a better screenshot from the video.

VLC also provides many best and unique features. You can also cut a video with VLC player and use VLC media player as a video converter. But, frame by frame is another best feature by VLC player.

Reasons to go video through frame by frame:

There should be many reasons to go video through frame by frame.

  • You want to take an exact screenshot from the video.
  • If you want to extract the frames from the video? ( You can make a video GIF.)
  • You want to see an object in the video which disappears within seconds and pause option not performing well.
How To Go Frame By Frame In VLC Player
How To Go Frame By Frame In VLC Player

So, there are two options are available to go frame by frame in VLC media player.

  1. Using Keyboard Shortcut Key
  2. Using the Toolbar (With Mouse button)

1. Go Frame By Frame In VLC Using Keyboard Shortcut

Keyboard Shortcut Key: E

This is the simple and easy way to view the frames of the video. Just open and play the video in VLC Media Player. After that, just press the E key from the keyboard and press E key again for the next frame.

So, you just need to press the E key again and again from the keyboard to go video through frame by frame. If you want to take the snapshot, then, find an exact frame and take a snapshot by pressing Shift + S key from the keyboard.


Question: Keyboard Shortcut doesn’t work for me.

Answer: You need to check the shortcut key. Open VLC player and Go to Tools > Preferences (Keyboard shortcut: CTRL + P) and click on Hotkeys option. Type Frame in the search bar and you will see the keyboard shortcut. If you want to change the keyboard shortcut then, you can also do this.

hotkey to go frame by frame in vlc

2. Using The Toolbar (Advanced controls)

By default, when you play any video in VLC media player then, it shows only Play/Pause, Stop, Previous media, Next media etc buttons on the toolbar. But, you can configure the toolbar in VLC media player to add more buttons.

So, you need to add “frame by frame” button on the toolbar. It is easy to add this button on the toolbar.

Open VLC media player and click on the View option and click on the Advanced Controls option.

click on Advanced Controls

After that, “frame by frame” button will be shown in the VLC media player. So, you just need to click on this button with the mouse to view video frames.

click on frame by frame button

Final Words

So, these are the two easy ways to view video frames in VLC. No matter, which reason you have to view video frames. Because sometimes you need to capture the best moment from the video. So, this is the only method to view video frames one by one.


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