6 Prisma App Tips And Tricks For Better Results

Here are the Prisma App Tips And Tricks For Better Results. Prisma is a photo editing app and Prisma app achieved so much popularity in short time. Prisma app is very popular nowadays because of its unique filters. It converts the photo into artwork using Artificial Intelligence. This app is available on IOS and Android OS. The popularity of this app is increased when it’s available for Android OS. Earlier, this app was only available for IOS users. But now the android version of this app is available in Google Play Store.

There are many duplicate apps available in Play Store with Prisma name. So, you need to download official app of Prisma. Prisma provides many amazing and unique filters and effects. So, if you are using Prisma app, you can use these tips and tricks to use this app like a pro.

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prisma app tips and tricks for better result

How Prisma App Works?

Prisma app converts a photo into artwork using Artificial Intelligence. Unlike other photo editing apps, Prisma app does not edit images on your phone.

In Prisma, your photo will be uploaded to Prisma server and after processing the photo, it gives the result back. But, it gives amazing results. So, you need an internet connection to use this app.

Why Prisma Takes Time To Apply Filter?

Sometimes this app irritates every user because it takes a time to apply filters. It gives result after some time.

  • When you apply filters on any image then the image will be uploaded to the Prisma server (cloud) and on the server, it converts your image into an artwork. After processing, your photo will be sent back into your phone and you will see the result. [divider]

Prisma App Tips And Tricks For Better Results

With these tips and tricks, you can get better results from Prisma app. So, let’s start with these tips to create artwork of your photos.

1. Apply Filter On Full Size Image

Like the Whatsapp profile picture, Prisma app also supports only square size image. You need to crop your image in 1:1 ratio before applying the filter on it in Prisma app. So, if you want to apply the filter to a full-size image then you need to convert your photo into a square shape.

You can convert a full-size image in a square shape in the photo editor or either in the app. You can download the app from google Play Store to convert any full-size image in a square shape. SquareDroid app is also useful to do this.

[appbox googleplay com.sergeyotro.sharpsquare]

2. Remove Prisma Watermark

When you apply the filter on your image in Prisma app, The Prisma watermark will be added in your photo at the bottom of the image. You can remove this watermark from settings of Prisma app.

remove watermark from prisma app

  • To turn off the watermark, Open Prisma app, and tap on gear (settings) icon, turn off Add watermark. After turning off this option, the watermark will not be added to your photos.

3. Tips To Make Prisma Faster

Sometimes Prisma app takes a lot of time to applying filters on an image and this is a major drawback of this app. Your internet connection is also effected on the loading time because images will be uploaded to the server for processing. Here are the tips to make Prisma app faster:

  • Use WiFi or Fast Data Connection: If your data connection is slow then it takes too long time to process the images and it may show error after some time. So, you need a reliable data connection to use this app.
  • Do not Minimize the App: When you apply filters or creating artwork, then do not minimize the Prisma app until it completes the process. Because Prisma canceled your process when you minimize the app while creating artwork.
  • It doesn’t support multi-window: Some android phones have multi windows feature, but Prisma app doesn’t support multi window. So, you need to wait until it finished the process.

4. Don’t Use Built-in Camera of Prisma

Prisma provides an inbuilt camera to take pictures, but it lacks many features. So, you can take better pictures from a default camera app on your phone. Prisma app allows you to take a simple picture from your phone. If you like HDR mode, Night mode and want to adjust White balance and sharpness when you are taking pictures the always use the default camera app on your smartphone.

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5.  Adjust Intensity For Better Results

By default, Prisma app applies full intensity (100%) on your image. But you can adjust intensity for better results. Sometimes, you get the better image when you set intensity from 50% to 60%.  So, it is better to adjust intensity before saving the image.

adjust intensity of prisma for better results

  • To adjust the intensity, Swipe from left or right after applying the filter.

6. Turn On ‘Save Artworks Automatically’ To Save Images Automatically

If you love Prisma app and want to process many photos, then this option is useful for you. All your images will be saved automatically after applying filters. All images will be saved in Prisma folder and you can find all images easily in this folder.

save artwork automatically in prisma


So, these are best Prisma app tips and tricks for better results. You can enjoy with creating artwork of your image. Write in comments if you know other tips and tricks of Prisma app.

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