Why Does Sony Vaio Laptop Stop Charging At 80%

If your Sony Vaio laptop stops charging at 80% then don’t worry, it is not a problem. This is Because of battery care function. If you want to charge the battery of your Sony Vaio laptop up to 100%, You can manually turn off this function. But this is a killer feature provided by Sony because it cares the battery of your Vaio laptop.

Why Does Sony Vaio Laptop Stop Charging At 80%

If you charge your laptop battery 100%, It is not good or battery even in mobile phones. Charging the battery up to 80% is good for battery health. That’s why Sony provides this battery care function in their VAIO laptops.  Sony provides this function to:

  • Increase your laptop’s battery recharge cycles.
  • Increase the life of the laptop battery.

How To Full Charge Of Your Vaio Laptop Battery:

You can manually turn off battery care function to charge laptop battery 100%. To turn off battery care function, find VAIO Control Center software on your laptop:

  1. Open VAIO Control Center.
  2. Under Power and Battery, Turn Off Battery Care Function.battery care sony vaio Sony Vaio Laptop Stop Charging

According to the official website of Sony Battery Care Function could extend the battery life by 1.5 times. If you use your Vaio laptop with AC adapter, Battery care function slows the degradation of your laptop battery.

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Battery charge comparison chart by Sony:

battery care chart Sony Vaio Laptop Stop Charging

This chart clears about battery care function, what it will do. According to this chart if you are using your laptop with AC adapter, The life of the battery will increase with the help of battery care function.

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The battery care function also provides the information regarding battery health. There are Four indicators to showing the battery health data (Excellent, Good, Poor, Critical). When the indicator shows Excellent or Good, Your battery health is good. When the indicator shows critical, In that case, you need to change your laptop battery.

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