5 Battery Charging Tips For Android Phones

5 Battery Charging Tips For Android Phones: Smartphones consume the battery very fast and we charge our mobile phone every day, even two times in a day. If you do not charge your phone properly, then it affects the health of the battery and it reduces battery lifetime. Mostly lithium-ion battery has a 500 to 1500 recharge cycles. It means if you charge your phone from 0% to 100%, then it completes its one recharge cycle. Also, batteries of Apple products have more recharge cycle.

So, there are many factors, that affect on battery life. Nowadays, many users use their mobile phone whole day. They need to recharge their phone’s battery twice in a day. So, with these tips and tricks, you can extend Android battery life. Here are 5 Battery Charging Tips For Android Phones.

Battery Charging Tips For Android Phones

Battery Charging Tips For Android Phones (Lithium-ion Battery Charging Tips):

1. Charge Your Phone from 30% to 80% To Extend Android Battery life

Battery-Full Battery Charging Tips For Android Phones

Avoid full charge of your phone. It’s not an issue if you charge your phone whole night because when the battery reaches 100% mobile stop charging automatically. But it affects on battery health. 30%  to 80% charging will help to increase recharge cycle. If mobiles battery drops below 10% it also affects on battery life and health.

So, You need to charge your smartphone from 30% to 80%. It helps to increase battery recharge cycle. So, If you want to keep your smartphone for a long time, i.e for 2 years, then you can use this tip to save the battery of your smartphone. Not only Android phone, this is for all smartphones. Because most of the smartphones having a lithium-ion battery.

But, you must discharge the whole battery your smartphone once a month. With this tip, you can increase the recharge cycle of the battery.


2. Don’t use mobile while charging:

Don't use while charging Battery Charging Tips

If you can use your mobile while charging, then avoid use mobile while charging. Because it affects your battery health and life. The battery life reduced if you are using your phone while charging. So, don’t use your smartphone while charging.

3. Use Original Charger:

Use only original charger. If you can use duplicate charger it will affect on battery health. Some third party charger uses a high current to charge the phone battery quick. It is a danger for your mobiles battery health and life.



4. Overheat problem:

Overheating Battery Charging Tips

Don’t put your phone in direct sunlight because it affects on battery temperature. Avoid playing games when you charge your phone. It is harmful for battery health. Also, keep your phone’s battery at room temperature.

5. Use Original Battery:

Use only original battery because if you are using the duplicate battery it will harm for your phone. Also, fake batteries drain faster than the original.

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Final Words

So, guys, these are 5 “battery charging tips for Android phones“. With these tips, you can extend Android battery life. Also, these are many other tips to increase the battery life of a smartphone.

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