[Solved] There Was A Problem Parsing The Package

[Solved] There Was A Problem Parsing The Package: In this modern era, everyone has a smartphone. Most of the people use Android smartphones. Because it is an open source operating system and provides a variety of apps and the user-friendly environment. That’s why most of the people preferred Android smartphone. Android provides many features, and everyone loves its features. Android also added new features to its every update.

No doubt, Android is a perfect operating system for smartphones than other. But, sometimes there are some issues and errors occur. So, people search for these errors to solve their problem.

The parse error “There was a problem parsing the package” is the most common error in Android phone. This error occurs when you try to install a new app or game on your smartphone. Android allows to download and install the apps from the internet. So, you can install apps from outside the play store. People love to install new apps and games on their Android smartphone. And sometimes many people faced the problem to install new apps and games because of this error. When you try to install new app or game, then Android shows the “There was a problem while parsing the package” pop up window. You cannot install the app or game because of the parse error.

So, here is the complete guide to solving the “There was a problem while parsing the package” error.

solved There Was A Problem Parsing The Package

Most Common Reasons For “There was a problem parsing the package” Error

There are many reasons for this error. Below are some common reasons for this error.

  • Corrupted/incomplete .apk file: If the downloaded the .apk file from the internet is corrupted or incomplete (not fully downloaded), then Android shows this parse error.
  • You haven’t turned on “Unknown sources” option from settings: If you want to install any .apk file outside the play store, you must turn on Unknown sources option from settings.
  • An app is not compatible with Android version or hardware: If an app is not compatible with your Android version or hardware, then it may show this error.

8 Methods To Fix “There Was A Problem Parsing The Package” Error

This error may cause for many reasons. Below are the methods to solve the parse error.

1. Re-Download APK File (If the apk file is corrupted or incomplete)

In the most cases, this error cause of corrupted .apk file. Sometimes, when you download .apk file outside the Google play store, the .apk file may be corrupted due to internet connection failure or some other reasons. So, you need to check whether the .apk file is corrupted or incomplete.

When you tap on the corrupted .apk file, then Android shows the parsing error message on the screen. So, you need to re-download the .apk file. If you still face this error after re-downloading the app, then try to download the app from different source/website.

2. Allow “Unknown Sources” To Install Third-Party apps

By default, Android doesn’t allow to install third-party apps from the internet because third-party apps may harmful for your smartphones security and privacy. But, Android also gives the option to do this.

However, when you try to install the third-party app from any website, Android shows the message to turn on unknown sources from settings to install that app. But, sometimes you may get the parse error. So, you need to turn on the unknown sources option from settings.

  • To Turn on unknown sources, Go to Settings > Security > Turn on Unknown sources option.allow-unknown-sources

3. Check Minimum Requirements To Install The App

If your smartphone doesn’t meet the minimum requirements to install the app, then you may get “There Was A Problem Parsing The Package” error. Sometimes, the app is not compatible with Android version or hardware and cause this error. You can check minimum requirements to install that particular app on the internet.

There is no perfect solution for this problem. But, if you have an older version of Android, you can find and download the older versions of that app from the internet.

4. Use Google Play Store If Possible

If you download the app from the third-party website, then, must check whether that app is available on Google play store or not. If the app is available in Google Play store, you must install that from play store. So, always use play store if possible. There are fewer chances to get an error from play store.

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5. Clear Cache Of The Google Play Store

In some situations, you may get this parsing error while installing the apps from Google play store. But, you can solve this error by clearing cache and data of Play Store. Below are the steps to clear cache and data of play store.

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and tap on “Clear data” and “Clear cache” options. Clear Cache Of The Google Play Store to solve parse error

6. Disable Antivirus App

Some antivirus apps also preventing to install third-party apps and block the installation. That’s why when you download and install a third-party app, then Android shows the error because of antivirus app.

So, disable the antivirus app temporarily to install the third-party app.

7. Enable USB Debugging From Developer Options

There is no connection between parse error and USB debugging. But, some users claim that this method is working for them to solve parse error. You can enable USB debugging from developer options. So, you need to enable developer options on your Android smartphone.

  • Enable Developer options: Go to Settings > About Phone > Tap 7 times on Build number.
    After that, the developer options will be enabled.
  • Go back to Settings > Developer options > Enable USB Debugging.

After doing this, try again to install the app.

8. Reset Your Smartphone (Not recommend)

The last method is reset your smartphone. But this method is not recommended. Backup your data before resetting your smartphone. You can reset your phone from Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory data reset.

Final Words

These are 8 methods to solve “There Was A Problem Parsing The Package” error. The main reason for this error is corrupted or incomplete downloaded .apk file. So, first of all, you must ensure that the .apk file is fully downloaded and not corrupted. If you get this error from Play Store itself, then clear the Play store cache and data from settings. Write in the comment section, if you have any query regarding this error.

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