15 Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC To Run iOS Apps

15 Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC: Want to run iOS apps on your Windows PC? Here is the list of top 15 best iOS emulators to run iOS apps on Windows PC. So, if you have a Windows PC and want to run iPhone apps on your PC, then this guide is for you. You can run and enjoy your favorite iOS apps and games on your Windows PC.

Most of the people have Windows PC and Laptops because Windows PC/Laptops are less costly than Apple’s MacBook. But, nowadays, most of the people owned an iPhone. So, iPhone’s and Windows PC are not so friendly and transferring the files between iPhone and Windows PC is a bit difficult task. Many people face this problem.

So, if you don’t have an iPhone or MacBook, then don’t be sad. Because You can easily taste the iOS apps on your PC. You just need an Emulator software to do this.

Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC
Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC

Here we discuss top 15 most popular iOS emulators for Windows PC. Before starting, you must know about Emulators.

What is an iOS Emulator?

According to the Wikipedia, An Emulator is a software that enables the one computer system to behave like another computer system. For example, Windows PC behaves like an iOS with emulator software. So, iOS emulator is a software that allows the Windows OS to run iOS apps on Windows PC.

iPhone Emulator software creates an iOS (iPhone’s Operating System) environment on Windows operating system. So, when you are installing iOS emulator on your Windows machine, it provides the iOS environment on Windows OS and you can install and run iOS apps on Windows machines. You don’t need an Apple product to do this.

Basically, Emulators software’s are designed for developers to test and debug the apps. And Emulators are using Virtualization Technology.

Difference Between iOS Emulator and iOS Simulator

Many people think that Emulator and Simulator software’s are same. But, there is a bit different in both. Below is the difference between iOS Emulator and Simulator.

  • iOS Emulators Provide the iOS operating system environment on the Windows OS to run iOS apps and games. Basically, Emulators mimic the hardware and software. So, it provides the iOS environment with the combination of hardware and software. Emulators are written in machine-level assembly language and suitable for debugging purpose.
  • iOS Simulators also provides the iOS environment on the Windows OS to run iPhone’s apps and games. But, Simulators do not mimic the hardware. It only mimics the software. However, Simulators are faster than Emulators. But, most of the apps don’t run on Simulators. Simulators are written in high-level language. Also, Simulators are not suitable for debugging.

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Pros. and Cons. Of iOS Emulators


  • You can easily run iOS apps and games on your Windows computer.
  • You can test iOS apps on Windows.
  • Emulators are free to use. You can download from the internet.
  • If you don’t have Apple’s product, then You can taste the iOS apps on Windows PC.


  • Emulators slow down the PC and consume a lot of RAM (Random Access Memory) memory.
  • Some high-end games can’t run on Emulators.

15 Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC

1. Mobione Studio

MobiOne-Studio ios emulator logo

Mobione Studio is a tool for Windows OS. This tool is developed for developers to create cross-platform mobile applications. Officially, Mobione Studio was discontinued. But, you this is still one of the best and popular iOS Emulator for Windows PC.

Mobione Studio has a user-friendly interface and you can easily use it. This emulator is best for app testing purpose. It uses HTML5 hybrid-native app model with open-source Cordova/PhoneGap framework.

Download Link – Download MobiOne Studio

2. iPadian

ipadian ios emulator for windows pc

iPadian is one of the best iOS emulators for Windows PC. Basically, iPadian is a simulator. After installing the iPadian, you can transform your Windows PC look like the iPad and run iOS apps and games on your PC. As per its name, It gives the iPad look like user interface.

iPadian is developed on an Adobe Air platform, and you can’t run it without Adobe Air. You need to install it on your PC before installing the iPadian.

Basically, iPadian only gives the iOS graphic user interface, and it runs only those apps, that are developed for iPadian. You can not download and run apps from iOS app store. Also, you can’t run all iOS apps on it.  iPadian is just to experience iOS. However, iPadian has premium and free versions. The premium version cost you $10 and this version is ad-free. But, The free version is also good with limited features. You can download iPadian free from the below link.

Download Link – Download iPadian

3. SmartFace

SMARTFACE ios emulator for windows

Smartface is another good emulator for developers and normal users. It is mainly used to create or develop cross-platform mobile applications. Developers also use this emulator for testing purpose. Basically, Smartface is a “Cross-Platform Native Mobility Framework”.

Smartface provides its free and paid versions. You can get paid version by paying $99. You get more features in the paid version. But, the free version is a good option for normal users.

Download Link: Download Smartface

4. App.io

app.io emulator

Searching for the online iOS emulator? Then App.io emulator is best for you because it works online. You need to upload an iOS app and It streams the iOS app from the cloud (You can also upload Android apk files to use it as Android emulator). You don’t need to install any software on your Windows PC because this is the cloud-based emulator.

This emulator is not for those users who have slow internet connections. Because it takes more time to upload apps with a slow internet connection.

Open App.io – App.io

5. Air iPhone

Air iPhone is a tool that gives the iPhone user interface on Windows PC. This is also a good iOS emulator for Windows PC. Air iPhone developed on Adobe Air platform. So, you need to install Adobe Air on your PC to use this emulator. Air iPhone is not a fully functional tool. That’s why many features are unavailable in this tool.

Air iPhone is a good option for developers and normal users. Developers can test their apps on it and normal users can taste iOS user interface on their PC.

Download Link – Download Air iPhone

6. Appetize.io

appetize.io ios emulator

Like and App.io, this is another best cloud-based iOS emulator. It allows developers to develop and test iOS apps in the cloud. Appetize.io  similar to the App.io, because it works online. You can upload your native app to test on it. There is no need to install any tool or software. You can run any app on any browser.

Appetize.io give the 100 minutes free per month for every user. After 100 minutes, it charged $0.05 per minute. But, this is one of the best cloud-based emulators for developers to develop and test their apps.

Open Appetize.io – Appetize.io

7. iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator gives the iPhone like graphic user interface (GUI). This simulator gives the more realistic iPhone user interface because of its amazing graphics. iPhone Simulator uses the flash and it works on flash.

So, if you don’t have an iPhone, you can use the iPhone Simulator on your Windows PC to test iPhone user interface. The main disadvantage of this simulator is, it has limited features. Most of the iOS features are unavailable.

Download iPhone Simulator – Download iPhone-simulator

8. iPad Simulator

Update: iPad Simulator is removed from Google Chrome Webstore.

Basically, This is a Google Chrome Browser extension. iPad Simulator works online because it is a cloud base simulator. It gives the iPad like GUI. You can easily use this because it works in a browser.

iPad Simulator gives the drag and drops feature, in which you can drag and drop the iOS app from your PC to this iPad simulator.

9. Xamarin TestFlight

testflight emulator for app testing

Now the TestFlight is owned by Apple itself. Testflight is a good for app testing. You can run those apps on TestFlight that are run on iOS 8 and above. This tool is not free to use. You need to pay for it.

Download Link: Xamarin Testflight

10. Electric Mobile Studio (Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC)

Electric mobile studio is a best iOS emulator. But, this is not free. You need to pay for it. But, it gives the 7 days free trial to its new users. You can get all its features in a trial. You can buy it by paying $39.99.

So, if you are searching for the iOS web development tool for Windows OS, then this is the best tool for you. It comes with Microsoft Visual Studio Integration. The Electric Mobile Studio is a powerful tool, and it consumes a lot of RAM. So, you need a large RAM memory on your PC to use it. You can run almost all iOS apps on Electric Mobile Studio. This emulator is best for developers rather than normal users.

Download Link – Download Electric Mobile Studio

11. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

nintendo 3ds emulator for gamers

Basically, Nintendo 3DS is a portable gaming console. SO, with the Nintendo 3DS Emulator, you can play iOS games on your Windows PC. So if you are a gamer, then you can try this emulator. You can also play some high-quality 3D games with this emulator.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator is available for free to download. You don’t need to pay for it. This emulator is only for gaming purpose.

Download Link – Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator

12. Ripple

Ripple is a Chrome extension (not a software tool) to test iOS apps on Windows PC. It works in Chrome browser. You can easily add Ripple extension to your Chrome browser to test and develop the apps.

Mainly the Ripple extension is developed for developers. But, normal users can also use it to run iOS apps.

Download Link – Download Ripple

13. iMame

iMame is another emulator for gaming. After Nintendo 3DS Emulator, This emulator is a good option for gamers. You can play iPhone and iPad games with an iMame emulator. Basically, iMAME is developed for Android. But, you can run it on Windows OS.

Download Link – Download iMAME

14. Remoted iOS Simulator

This Emulator is developed by Xamarin. It uses Microsoft Visual Studio Framework. So, you can run, test, and debug iOS apps in MS Visual Studio with this simulator on your Windows PC. You need to install Visual Studio on your PC to use it.

Download Link – Download Remoted iOS Simulator

15. Xamarin

This emulator is basically designed and developed for developers. Xamarin is available free to download. You can easily run iOS apps on Windows OS. It uses Microsoft Visual Studio framework and developers can test their iOS apps on Windows machines.

Download Link – Download Xamarin

Final Word

So, these are the best 15 iOS Emulators for Windows PC. You can easily run iOS apps on your Windows laptop. However, most of the emulators are developed for the developers to test their iOS apps. But, normal users can also use these emulators to run iPhone apps on their Windows Laptop/PC. The best simulators are also added to this list. Because there are few emulators are available.

Though, all emulators and simulators are not good because of some limitation. So, you need to choose that tool, that is perfect for you. If you have any query, write in the comment section.

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