How To Change The Color Of Folders In Windows

If you are boring from default color of folder in windows operating system , then here’s how to change the color of folders in windows. You need to download the Folder Colorizer software to do this. You can make folders colorful. You can also set the different color for each folder, which contains different data. And the main thing is, this software works in all versions of Windows ( Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10).

folder colorizer to Change The Color Of Folders In Windows
Change The Color Of Folder In Windows

The Folder Colorizer software is lightweight software and the size of software is 1.2mb. And also it is free software but after Installing it you need to register it with your email.

How To Change The Color Of Folders In Windows:

  1. Download Folder Colorizer and install it.
  2. After installing, Right click on any folder and Click on Colorize! Option and choose the color of folder.choose color of folder
  3. After that you need to register it with your email and click on link from your from your email inbox within 3 minute.activate folder colorize
  4. Now you can choose any color of any folder and apply it.

Solve if problem occur: If you already changed your folder icon from folder customize, then it shows error. To solve this error you need to Right click on Folder and Go to Properties > Customize > Change icon and select default folder icon.

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