How To Change The Mouse/TouchPad Speed In Windows

Want to change the mouse speed in Windows PC/Laptop, then you are at right page. Here is how to change the speed of the mouse or touchpad on Windows operating system. It doesn’t matter which version of Windows (10,8,7) you are using. You can change the mouse/touchpad speed in any version of Windows. Also, it is quite easy to do this.

Sometimes, you may need to change the speed of the mouse. Because, by default, the mouse/touchpad speed is slow. If you are not friendly with PC/Laptop, then the low mouse speed is enough for you. But, if you are a pro user, you need to increase the speed. The mouse pointer speed increases when you speed up the mouse speed. So, you need to adjust this setting according to your need.

Windows also provide many other settings for the mouse (Switch mouse to the left hand or right hand, Change double-click speed, Click Lock, Change Mouse cursor, Display pinter trails, Hide pointer while typing, Adjust vertical and horizontal scrolling). You can adjust these settings according to your requirements.

How To Change The Mouse Speed In Windows

How To Change The Mouse Speed In Windows

Below are the steps.

1. Open Control Panel and type “Mouse” in the search bar from the top right of the screen.

2. After that, open “Mouse” option. (This will open the mouse settings or mouse options).

open mouse settings

3. Now open “Pointer Options” tab and change the mouse speed from Motion option. Enable “Enhance Pointer Precision” option. (If you disable the “Enhance pointer precision” option, then, it will be difficult for you to handle the pointer speed).

Change Mouse Speed Mouse Sensitivity

4. Click on Apply and OK button to save the settings.

After that, you will see the difference in the speed. If you have any problem after increasing the speed, you can reduce the speed anytime and adjust it to your requirements. Also, enable and disable the “Enhance pointer precision” option to see the difference.

Why do you need to change the speed of a mouse?

There are many reasons to increase or decrease the mouse speed.

  • You are not familiar with the PC and you want to decrease the mouse speed.
  • If you work on your PC very fast, you want to increase the speed.
  • You want to adjust the speed of touchpad/mouse, that is perfect for you.

Final Words

If you want to change the mouse speed in Windows operating system, then this guide may helpful for you. You can also adjust another mouse settings as you want. Windows provides many mouse settings that you can adjust. So, if you face any problem after doing this, you can adjust the settings any time.

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