How To Change Mouse Pointer In Windows 10

By default, the mouse pointer color is white with black border. But, you can change the mouse pointer size and color in Windows. So, you can change the mouse color and size according to your requirement. The previous versions of Windows also allow to change the mouse pointer. You can change mouse pointer from the Control panel. But, Windows 10 also provides the settings app, which is useful to change Windows settings including mouse settings.

If you love to change mouse cursor/pointer, You can download custom mouse pointers from the internet. Custom mouse pointers are also eye-catching. But, if you only want to change the size and color, then Windows provides some pointers.

There are 3 methods to do this in Windows 10. You can do this from Settings app or control panel. Windows also provide other settings for a mouse. You can change mouse settings according to your need. With these settings, you can increase your experience with your Windows PC or Laptop.

How To Change Mouse Pointer In Windows 10

Below are three methods to change the mouse pointer in Windows 10.

1. From Settings App

  • Open “Settings” app on your Windows 10 PC/Laptop. (Keyboard Shortcut: Windows Key + I)
  • Open “Ease of access” option from settings.
  • Click on the “Mouse” option from the left side and you will see the “Pointer Size” and “Pointer Color” options.
    Change Mouse Pointer from settings app
  • Select the pointer size and color.

That’s all. There are 3 sizes of pointer available in Settings app (Small, Medium, and Large). Also, 3 color options are available. You can choose the white or black color and the third one is inverting pointer.

2. From Control Panel

This setting is available on all previous versions of Windows (Windows XP, 7, 8, and 8.1).

  • Open control panel and search for “mouse” and open mouse option.
    open mouse settings
  • Click on pointer options tab and click on the “down arrow icon” under “Scheme”. Select mouse pointers and click on Apply and OK button.
    Change Mouse Pointer

3. Ease of access from Control panel

Control panel provides the ease of access option. Basically, you can change the display, sound, mouse, and keyboard settings from an ease of access.

  • Open Control panel and open ease of access.
  • Click on “How your mouse works” option and select the mouse pointer.
    change mouse pointer in windows 10 ease of access
  • After that, click on Apply and OK button.

Final Words

So, guys, these are three methods to change mouse pointer in Windows 10. However, Windows provides only two colors and three sizes for the pointer. But, you can download custom mouse pointers from the internet and these downloaded custom pointers looked cool. So, if you want to change the different color, then you need to download it.

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