6 Best Tips To Make Windows 10 Faster

How to make windows 10 faster? Here are the best tips to make Windows 10 fast. In Every operating system, there are many reasons for slowdown the performance. Even animations are also affected in the performance of the device. In Windows 10 there are many options which are useful to make windows 10 faster and also fast its boot time. Also, many third party Tuneup apps are available for windows to make it fast.

Microsoft gives the free update to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Windows 10 has many advanced features than older versions of Windows. Here’s the Top 10 Best Hidden Features Of Windows 10Microsoft also introduced Edge browser in Windows 10. But Internet Explorer is also available in Windows 10. You are also able to disable the Internet Explorer. Here’s How To Turn Off Internet Explorer In Windows 10.

make windows 10 faster

Here are the Tips To Make Windows 10 Faster:

  1. Turn Off Startup Programs:

    When you turn on your device, many programs load after booting the windows. After booting, the system is busy into loading some programs. So, These programs slow down the performance of the system. There are many unnecessary programs in windows, and you don’t need to load after booting the windows. To turn off startup programs open Task Manager by a press  (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) keys and click on More Details.Open task manager Turn Off Startup Programs to make windows 10 faster After that click on Startup and choose unnecessary programs that you want to disable and disable them.open task manager startup Turn Off Startup ProgramsRead Also: Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts That You Should Know

  2. Adjust Animations for Best Performance:

    Animations also affect on speed or performance of windows. You are able to turn off animations, and can also choose only animations that you want. To disable the animations Right click on the Start icon and Click on System.click on system Disable animations make windows 10 faster After that click on the Advanced System Settings on the left side of a screen.open advance system Disable animations Now open Advanced and click on Settings under Performance.open performance Disable animations In Visual effects choose Adjust for best performance, which will disable all animations you can also set your custom animation. After that click Apply.adjust for best performance Disable animationsRead Also:Make Android Phone Fast With Animation Scale Off

  3. Defragment Hard Disk:

    Defragment your hard disk. It will also help to improve to your windows 10. This will take some time. To Defragment your Hard disk, Right click on C:\ Drive and click on Properties.open properties Defragment Hard Disk After that click on Tools and click on Optimize.optimize Defragment Hard Diskoptimize Defragment Hard Disk

  4. Remove Viruses and Malware:

    Viruses and malware also slow down the system and harmful for your system. Windows has inbuilt tools (Windows Defender) to remove viruses and malware. You can also use good free antivirus like Avast, Malwarebytes, 360 Security.

  5. Using Tuneup Software or Ccleaner:

    You can also use the tuneup software’s to improve the performance of your device. I’m also using an AVG PC Tuneup. It has a lot of features, but it’s not free. Ccleaner is also a good software to optimize your PC.avg tuneup There are many free Tuneup software’s available. These can also help to increase the device performance.

  6. Using RAM Optimizer:wise memory optimizer

    RAM optimizer software is used to free up RAM memory. Download Wise memory optimizer to optimize the RAM of your PC. Here are the Best Basic Freeware Softwares For Windows PC.


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