Make Android Phone Faster With Animation Scale

The animation looks very good and nice in every operating system. But it slows down the performance of the device when its delay time too long. You can make android phone faster by reducing the delay time of Animation Scale. Or either you can turn off the animation scale. of course, everyone loves these animations. Without these effects, the user interface does not look good.

So, In Android phone, If you want to increase performance and speed up your smartphone, then you need to reduce the delay time of the window animation scale either turn off animation scale. It is the best trick to speed up your Android phone and Make Android Phone Faster With Animation Scale.

Android provides the developer options, and there are many features and options are available in developer options. And you can change the speed of animation from developer options. By default, the Developer options are not available in the Settings. So, you need to turn it on manually to use options from developer options.

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Make Android Phone Faster With Animation Scale

  1. Enable the Developer options if it is not enabled. To enable the developer options to go to  Settings > About Phone > Tap on the Build Number Seven Time To Enable it.Make Android Phone Faster With Animation Scale
  2. After that, Go to Settings > Developer options, and there is an option of Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.  The speed is by default 1x. You need to change it at 0.5x.Make Android Phone Fast With Animation Scale Off
  3. Now after changing the animation scale speed to 0.5x, your Android phone will be fast. You can also turn off animations.

Note: Developer option should be turned on. If you turn it off the animation setting goes back to default setting.


This is old and best method to increase some speed of your Android device. Because transition animations also affect the speed. There are many other ways to speed up your Android phone. But, this is a simple way to make Android phone faster with animation scale.


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