Transfer Contacts And Save For Future Use In Android

Here’s the different methods to Transfer Contacts And Save For Future Use In Android. When will you buy the new mobile the first thing is to transfer the contacts from old phone to new phone. Your all contacts also synchronizing to your google account. You can also find your all contacts from and log in with your google account.

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Transfer Contacts And Save For Future Use In Android:

  1. Synchronizing:

    When you bought a new phone and log in with the same google account that is used in the old phone, then all contacts automatically synchronize to a new phone. Make sure the Sync is enabled for contacts in both phones. To enable Sync Go to Settings > Accounts > Google account > Tap on your Google Account ID > Enable Contacts Sync (If it’s off).contacts sync Transfer Contacts And Save For Future Use In Android

  2. Export Contacts List to Memory Card (SD Card):

    You can also Export your all contacts to the memory card and import this list in a new phone.  To export the list of your contacts list Open Contacts > Tap on three dots from top right > Import/Export > Export to storage. The .vcf file will be created on your memory card (for example: 0001.vcf). Now All your contacts in this vcf file. You can save this file on the memory card or Google Drive for future use. You can also send this file via Bluetooth to a new phone and Import this file in the new phone. To Import contacts Go To Contacts > Tap on three dots from top right > Import/Export > Import from storage.export as vcf

  3. Via Sim Card:

    This is the oldest method to transfer contacts between mobile phones. In old Nokia basic mobile phones, this was the only method to transfer your contacts. Till now this method is used by everyone. You can also transfer your contacts via SIM card. First export your Contacts to SIM card by Go to Contacts, Import/Export, Export to Sim card (Note: Now the Export to Sim Card option is now available on some phones, But Import from SIM card option is available.)

  4. Manufacturer Apps:

    The mobile manufacturer like Samsung, Motorola, Sony, LG, HTC also provides apps to transfer contacts to new phone.

  • Samsung: Samsung smart switch mobile.
  • Motorola: Motorola Migrate.
  • Sony: Xperia Transfer Mobile.
  • HTC: HTC Transfer tool.
  • LG: LG Backup.

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Why vcf (vCard) file is best for save contact:

When you export contacts to storage, it creates vcf file in SD card or internal storage. You can use this file to save your contacts file for future use in the single file. There is no need of internet to synchronize your contacts. You can import all contacts within seconds to any phone by just import this file.

So the Sync and Export to SD card methods are best to transfer your contacts in android phones. Share this post if you found the information in this post is useful.

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