An Easy Way To Save YouTube Videos

Want to save YouTube videos on your mobile or PC, then, you are landing on the right page. Here is the simple way to download YouTube videos. Nowadays, everyone watching the videos on YouTube. YouTube allows us to stream the videos online. You can not download or save the videos from it. That’s why everyone looks for YouTube video downloader apps, sites, and browser extensions. There are tons of apps, sites, and browser extensions available to do this.

It’s true that you need a third party tool to download or save the videos from YouTube. But, there are many ways to use these tools. For third-party websites, you need to copy the video link from YouTube and paste that link in the video downloader website. This method works both on mobile and PC. Browser extensions are useful and easy to use if you are using a PC/Laptop. Otherwise, for mobile phones, this method doesn’t work.

So, here is the simple way to download or save YouTube videos. This method works on both PC and mobile.

Note: You can download video up to 720p with this method.

How To Save YouTube Videos

1. Save YouTube Videos On PC/Laptop

If you are watching videos on a Desktop PC or Laptop, then you can easily download the video. Below are the steps.

  • Open a browser and open YouTube and play any video that you want to download.
  • Type ss in the front of The link will look like as After that, press the Enter button. Type ss in the front of youtube to save youtube videos
  • Now the third party website will be open. Click on the arrow icon and you will see the download option. After that click on the “Download” button to save the video. click on the Download button to save YouTube video

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2. Save YouTube Videos On Mobile Phone

You can also do this on your mobile phone. But, you need to open YouTube from the browser instead of YouTube app. Below are the steps.

  • Open the browser on your mobile phone and open Play any video from YouTube that you want to download.
  • Replace m. with ss from the URL. The link will look like as Open the URL by tap on the Go icon. Replace m. with ss from the URL
  • It redirects to the third party website. Just tap on the Download button to download the video on your mobile phone.

So, this method is helpful if you don’t want to install the apps for YouTube videos. Though, YouTube also provides the Save option in its YouTube app. But, it is not available for every video. Also, you can watch that video only on YouTube app.

Final Words

So, guys, this is the simple way to save YouTube video. This method works perfectly on both mobile and PC. Though you can not download Full HD video with this way. But, 720p video is enough for both PC and mobile phone. To download the full HD video, you need a good YouTube video downloader.

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