How To Convert and Save Whatsapp Voice Messages

How to Save Whatsapp Voice Messages: Whatsapp is a most popular messenger with over more than 1 billion users. Almost everyone uses the Whatsapp to chat with friends and share photos, videos. Whatsapp provides many services like you can do voice or video call with Whatsapp. You can also send the voice messages in it. So, Nowadays, most users use the Whatsapp app for calling (Voice and Video), texting and sending videos and images. Also, there are so many tips and tricks available for Whatsapp.

When you send an audio message to your friend, then Whatsapp record the voice and send the audio file to your friend. Similarly, when you receive any voice message, then you’ll need to download and play the voice message.

However, the downloaded voice message is on your smartphone. But, you can play that voice message only on Whatsapp. You can’t play Whatsapp audio message file in Google play music. To play the voice message in Play music and other media players, you need to convert that file into mp3 format. Whatsapp uses the “OPUS” format to record its audio messages. This audio file extension is not used commonly. So, many audio players don’t support this extension or format.

How To Convert and Save Whatsapp Voice Messages

Opus is lossy, highly versatile, and royalty free audio extension or format. Opus format is commonly used in streaming. You can scale its bitrate from low bitrate to high bitrate. That’s why Whatsapp uses this format.

How To Convert and Save Whatsapp Voice Messages

When you play any received audio message in Whatsapp, then you can play that file only in Whatsapp itself. Also, when you delete that message and chat, the audio file will be deleted. However, you can save the voice message file from the file manager and move to a different location or folder. But, you can’t play that voice message in Play music and other audio players. So, you need to convert the OPUS file to mp3 file to save it permanently. After that, you can play the audio message in Play music.

Though, there are many apps and websites are available to do this. Below is the list of apps and websites to do this.

Convert OPUS To MP3 Using App On Android To Save Whatsapp Voice Messages

You can see the Whatsapp voice messages file from the file manager app. Open the file manager and go to Internal Storage > Whatsapp > Media > Whatsapp Voice Notes and open the folder to see the voice messages files. You can’t open these files. But, you can convert these opus files to mp3 files. Below are the steps to do this.

Using Voice and Audio Manager For Whatsapp

This app is simple to use. Because it shows the all voice messages automatically and you can convert that voice messages with one click.

  1. Install Voice and Audio manager for Whatsapp from Play store. Below is the link. 
  2. After that, open this app and you will see the list of voice messages. You can play the voice messages in this app. Tap on the mp3 converter icon to convert the voice message to Mp3 file. Using Voice and Audio Manager For Whatsapp
  3. The mp3 files will be stored in internal storage > Opus-LW > WAVE folder.
Using OPUS To Mp3 Converter App
  1. Install OPUS To MP3 converter app from Google play store. Below is the link to download and install this app from Play store. Download and install opus to mp3 from play store
  2. Open OPUS to Mp3 converter app and tap on the Select OPUS File option. After that, tap on the file browser option.
  3. Go To Whatsapp > Media > Whatsapp Voice Notes > Folder and select the Opus file and tap on the Ok button. select the Opus file and tap on the Ok
  4. Tap on the Convert To Mp3 option and select mp3 file name and folder to save the mp3 file. After that, tap on the tick mark iconConvert opus to mp3

That’s all. You can open the mp3 file from the file manager app. Also, you can play this file in Play music.

Note: If you want to convert multiple files at once, you need to choose Batch converter option.

Convert OPUS To MP3 Using Website On PC/Mobile To Save Whatsapp Voice Messages

You can also transfer Whatsapp voice messages to your PC. Though, On a PC, VLC media player is able to play opus files. But, if you want to convert the opus file, you can do this online.

  1. First of all, you need to transfer Whatsapp audio messages to PC. You can transfer via data cable, Bluetooth, and email. When you connect via data cable, If you haven’t found any file on PC in Whatsapp voice notes folder, you need to copy or move voice messages files to another folder or SD card. After that, you can copy these files to your PC. (Copy files from Internal Storage > Whatsapp > Media > Whatsapp Voice Notes > folder).
  2. Though, you can easily play these files with the VLC media player on your PC. But, if you want to convert these files to mp3, you can do this with an online tool. Open link from the web browser and upload your opus file by click on the choose file button and click on the Convert file option. (Note: You can also do this from smartphone’s browser) upload your opus file and convert it
  3. After that, the converted file will be and download.

If you are using VLC media player on PC, you can also convert the Opus file to MP3 file with VLC media player. VLC has an option to convert video and audio files.

Final Words

So, guys, this is the guide on how to convert and save Whatsapp voice messages. You can easily use the app to do this on your Android smartphone. So, if you want to save the voice messages permanently, you may need to convert voice messages. Though, you can save your voice messages opus files by move these files to another folder. But, you can’t play these files on many audio players like Play music. So, with this method, you can save voice messages permanently.

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