How To Reset Windows Store In Windows 10

Microsoft Provides a Microsoft Store (Known as Windows Store) in Windows 10 to download the apps an games. Most of the Windows users love this store because of Apps & Games. But, you may face some error and problems while using Windows Store. Sometime’s Store is not opening and give some error codes. Also, When you download the apps/games or update any app, then the downloading stuck in the middle and occur many other problems. Sometimes, you are unable to install new apps and games. So, if you have any problem in windows store, then you can Reset Windows Store In Windows 10.

Microsoft provides an option to reset the Windows Store. When you reset the Store, it will be reinstalled and back to its original/default settings. (it will clear its cache data and fix some problems). However, it can’t fix all problem. But, there are many other methods available to solve the Windows 10 Store Problems.

3 Ways To Reset Windows Store In Windows 10

There are three methods available to reset Windows 10 store. Either from Run command, Cortana, or App Settings.

Method 1: Reset Windows Store Using Run Command

  1. Open Run by Pressing Windows Key + R Keys.
  2. Type wsreset.exe in Run Command prompt. After that, click on the OK button.Reset Windows Store In Windows 10
  3. Now, you will see the empty command prompt windows. It will take some time to clear the cache. After clear the cache, the black command windows will be automatically closed. (Do not close the command windows. It will close automatically after some time) empty command windows to reset Windows 10 store

Method 2: Reset Windows Store Using Cortana

  1. Type wsreset in the Cortana search bar. After that open wsreset from the results. open wsreset using cortana
  2. Click on the wsreset and you will see the command windows. It will take time to reset the Store. empty command windows to reset Windows 10 store
  3. After resetting the Windows store, the command windows will be closed automatically.

Now Windows Store will be open and cache will clear. All problems related to windows store has been clear.

Method 3: Reset Windows Store From App Settings

You can reset Store from its settings. Microsoft provides a reset option in every app setting.

  1. Click on the Start button (Windows Start Button) and scroll down and right click on the Microsoft Store app.
  2. After that, Click on the More Option and click on the App Settings option. open microsoft store app settings to reset it
  3. Now the Store settings will be open. Scroll down and you will see the reset option. Click on the reset button and confirm it. click on reset button to reset windows store
  4. It will take few seconds and that’s it.

Final Words

So, guys, this is the guide on how to reset Windows Store in Windows 10. However, It solves the common problems. But, there are other fixes available too. So, you can easily reset the store with these two methods.

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