How To Minimize And Maximize All Windows In Windows 10

There may be a situation when you may need to minimize all windows frequently with one click. Keyboard shortcuts are very useful in every operating system to do any task faster. But, In Windows 10, Microsoft also provides an option to minimize and maximize all windows from the taskbar.

So, you can easily do this task with one click. In Windows 10, you can do this task faster than using keyboard shortcuts. There may be many reasons to minimize and maximize all windows at once. Sometimes, you may have urgent work and you want to minimize all windows before go away from your computer. Also, if you are opening some private files, photos and doing some private work and suddenly someone arrived in your room then you need to close all windows.

There are many reasons to minimize all windows. So, below are the steps to do this in Windows 10.

1. Minimize and Maximize all windows from taskbar

This method is faster than a keyboard shortcut. In older versions of Windows, you need to press keyboard shortcut keys to minimize and maximize all windows. But, In Windows 10, you just need to click on the taskbar icon to do this.

To minimize all windows, Just move the cursor to the bottom right on the screen (Right side of the taskbar) and click the mouse button. To maximize all windows, click again on the bottom right on the screen (right side of the taskbar).

Minimize and Maximize all windows from taskbar in windows 10

2. With Keyboard Shortcuts

You can also use Keyboard shortcuts to do this. Also, these keyboard shortcuts are works on all versions of the windows (Windows 10,8,7).

  • Keyboard shortcut to Minimize all Windows: “Windows Key + M”
  • Keyboard shortcut to Maximize all Minimized Windows: “Windows Key + Shift + M”
  • Keyboard shortcut to Display the Desktop (Minimize and Maximize all Windows): “Windows Key + D”

Though, In Windows 10, keyboard shortcuts to take more time to do this task. But, clicking on the taskbar is a faster way to minimize all windows.

If you minimize all windows by “Windows Key + D” keyboard shortcut, you can maximize all windows by pressing again this keyboard shortcut. But, if you press “Windows key + M” keyboard shortcut to minimize all windows, then you need to press “Windows Key + Shift + M” to maximize all windows (This keyboard shortcut maximize only that windows, that are minimized by pressing “Windows Key + M” keyboard shortcut).

Final Words

Windows 10 provides many useful features. Also, some old features are easy to access in Windows 10. For this, Many new keyboard shortcuts are also added in Windows 10.

So, if you are searching for how to minimize all windows in Windows 10 the, this guide may helpful for you. With the taskbar option, you can do this task within 1 second. Even this method is faster than using keyboard shortcuts.


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