How To Delete Google Search History On Android And PC

When you search any query on Google from your Android smartphone or PC, then Google saves the search queries. After that, when you again type the first character of that query, Google shows the recent queries that have been searched by you. So, sometimes you need to delete that search history from Google. Because you don’t want to see it again and you want to nobody can saw your search queries. Also, when you delete browsing history from your browser then, your search queries are also shown after deletion. Because your search queries are saved in your Google account. So, here is the complete guide on How to delete Google search history on Android and PC/Laptop.

On Android phone, If you are using ‘Google Now‘ then it also shows the Search history. You can access Google Now by tap and hold on home button from anywhere.

‘Google Now’ is a useful feature of Google. But if your smartphone has a stock Android (Like Motorola Smartphones), then there is a search bar on the home screen. In many cases,  you can remove this search bar. But, in some smartphones, there is no option to remove this search bar.

How To Delete Google Search History

When you tap on the Google now search bar, then it shows the recent search history. But you can clear Google search bar history on Android phone. If you don’t want to save search histories in future then you can also do this. Some people also do searches for How to erase Google history and How to delete history on Google. So, here is How to delete Google history.

  1. How To Delete Google Search History On Android (Browser + Google Now).
  2. How To Delete Google Search History On PC/Laptop.

Although, there are many options to delete search queries from Google. You can either delete all search history or delete search queries one by one.

How To Delete Google Search History On Android And PC

So, Google provides many links to manage your Google account. Here are Useful Google Links That You Should Know. Although, it is not an issue whether you are using Android smartphone or PC or both. You can delete google search history from any device. Also, you can disable Google search history and it won’t be showing any search query.

1. How To Delete All Google Search History At Once on Android And PC/Laptop

So, if you want to delete all search queries on your Android phone and PC, then here are the steps to do this. You can do this with a link which is provided by Google.

Note: These steps are same for both Android smartphone and PC/Laptop.

  1. Open from your smartphone or PC browser and log in with your google account that is used on your Android smartphone.
  2. On Android Phone Tap on the Menu (Three horizontal lines on the top left corner of the screen). Also, On a PC, you can choose the options from the left side of the screen. Tap on the Menu to delete google search history
  3. Tap or Click on “Delete Activity by” option. Click on Delete Activity by option
  4. Now Choose the Date and Google products. (You can choose All time from date to delete all search or another history. Also, you can delete Google history for specific Google products like Android, Search, Youtube etc.). After that, tap on the “Delete” option. Choose the Date and Google products
  5.  Click or Tap on the OK button if message prompted. Tap on ‘Delete’ to delete Google search history.

2. How To Delete Google Now Search Bar History One By One On Android Phone

“Google Now” is a useful and helpful feature of Google. But, when you tap on the search bar on Android phone, then it shows the recent search history. Sometimes you need to delete specific search query that is recently searched by you. So, you can also delete Search queries one by one. This is the easiest way to delete recent Google searches.

  1. Tap on the Google Search bar from the Home screen or from Google now. After that, it shows the recent search history. Tap on Google Search Bar or open Google Now
  2. Now Tap and hold on any search query which you want to delete. After that, Tap on the Delete option to delete the search query. long press on any recent search item to delete it

So, with this method you can delete Google search history or search queries one by one on your Android Smartphone. Google also provides an option to disable the search history of all products like search, location, and Youtube etc.

How To Disable Google search History on Android and PC

If you don’t want to see your search queries in ‘Google Now’ search bar on your Android smartphone then you need to disable it. It is easy to disable search history. If you are using a YouTube then you can also pause the search history of Youtube. After pausing, Your Youtube search queries will not be saved.

  1. Open from the Android phone browser or PC browser and log in with your Google account.
  2. Tap on the menu from the top left corner on your Android phone. On Desktop, you can choose the options from the left side of the screen. Tap on the Menu to disable google search history
  3. After that, Tap or click on Activity Controls. Tap or click on Activity Controls
  4. Turn Off “Web & App Activity” for disabling Search history. (You can also turn off Location history, Device Information, Voice & Audio Activity, and YouTube Search History). Turn Off Web & App Activity

Note: You can also pause or disable Youtube search history from YouTube App.

Final Words

So, Guys, This is how to delete Google search history. If you are searching for How to delete history on Google then this guide is helpful for you. You can also Manage activity from After opening on the browser, click on settings from the Bottom of the screen and you will see the History option.

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