Top 10 Best Useful Google Links That You Should Know

Google stores your data like contacts, passwords etc. And google also knows about you. Here’re the top 10 best useful google links that you should know. You can see or retrieve which data is stored by google.

Google provide many services and also has many products like YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Google Drive and Google plus etc. These all services are managed under single google account. When you create a Google account then all services are sign up automatically.Best Useful Google Links

Top 10 Best Useful Google Links That you Should Know:


    If you are using an Android phone then your all contacts are synchronized to . But you must have turned on sync on your phone for contacts. You can access your all contacts from this link. You can open this link from your phone or desktop and log in with your Google account that is using in Android


    If you are using Chrome browser in Android or Windows PC and log in with google account. Then all your usernames and passwords for login are saved in google account.


    You can download you all data of your google account from this link. You can download Photos, Google drive files, Youtube videos, All emails (Gmail), Contacts, Calendar and Location history. Here’s How To Download Your All Google Account Data At takeout


    In Android’s phone, the google maps application keep track your location secretly and save in Google account. You can see your tracking history from this link. You can also save or export your data and later view this in google earth.


    If you are using Google keep app on your android phone to write notes then you can open these notes anywhere from the desktop from this link. Your all notes are synchronized to your google account. So, you can log in with that account after open this link. Yo can also grab text from image in google keep in android and


    You can also create a Google account without signup to Gmail account. And you can use any other email for creating new google account.


    You can find, erase and ring your phone remotely from this link. Also if you losing your mobile phone, you can see the IMEI number of that phone from this link. Here’s How To Find Lost Android Device’s IMEI Number.


    Google also save the search query. You can see all search queries that you searched recently, from this link. You can also see your videos search history from link.


    With this link, you can see the report of every device that is using for open your google account. And it also shows the IP security


    Google also provided Inactive Account Manager. With this, you can control your account when it is inactive. You can set the time period, and after expire the time period what should happen to your photos, emails and documents. You can share your data with a family member and close friend when your account is inactive.inactive account manager

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