How To Download Facebook Chat Without Any Tool

Facebook is at the number one position in Social Networking sites. There are many other social networking sites, but most people are using Facebook. So many people chat with their friends every day. So, many people also do searches for Download Facebook chat. Because some Facebook users want to download chat history from their account and don’t want to delete it. There are many third party tools and browser extensions are available to download Facebook chat history. But you can also download your chat from Facebook without any tool.

So, there is no need to download any third party tool or browser extension to download Facebook messages. Because Facebook provides an option to do this. Also, you can backup your Facebook account with this method. Because you can download all photos and videos with this method.

How To Download Facebook Chat Without Any Tool

There is an option in Facebook to download all Facebook data. With this option, you can download all data (like photos, messages, status etc.) from your Facebook account. So, Here is how to download Facebook messages.

How To Download Facebook Chat Without Any Tool

At first, You need to Download a copy of your Facebook data. In which you can get all data (Including Facebook Chat messages) of your Facebook account.

1. So, you need to download Facebook Archive (Download a copy of your Facebook data). Below is the link to know How to Download Facebook Data.

How To Download Facebook Data (Facebook Archive)

2. After that, you get the zip file of your Facebook data. Which contains all data like Photos, videos, messages etc. So, open this ZIP File.

3. Open HTML folder from the ZIP file and Open messages.htm file.

Open HTML folder in ZIP file and Open messages.htm file download facebook chat

That’s all. You can read all chat messages from here. This file will be open in the browser. Also, you can read anytime your Facebook messages.

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Q1. What are the other files in a ZIP file?

Answer. You get all Facebook data of your account. Below is the list of data:

  • All Photos from your Facebook Account.
  • All videos from your Facebook Account.
  • Your Contact information.
  • Friend List.
  • Messages  (Chat threads).
  • Status Updates.

Q2. I Want to save only messages.

Answer. You can save only messages. But you need to download Facebook Archive. After that, you can only save your messages or chat. Below are the steps.

  1. Open the ZIP file and Extract HTML folderOpen the ZIP file and Extract HTML folder
  2. Delete All files except messages.htm and Style.cssDelete All files except messages.htm and Style.css

Q3. When I change HTML folder name, then messages don’t show properly.

Answer. You need to edit source code. Below are the steps:

  1. Right Click on the messages.htm file and Open with notepad.
  2. Replace “../html/style.css/” to “style.css”replace css style to download facebook chat
  3. Now you can change the folder name and save chat in any folder.

Final Words

So, this is the best and easy way to Download Facebook Messages. There are many other third party tools are available to Download Facebook chat. But you don’t need them. because you can download Facebook chat directly from Facebook with your photos, videos, and other data.

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