How To Download Facebook Data (Facebook Archive)

How To Download Facebook Data: Facebook is a popular social networking site. Some people daily upload their photos and videos on Facebook. So, If you upload your photos and videos from the past several years, then there are so many pictures in your Facebook account. But, if you want to download all Facebook photos, then don’t worry, there is an option in Facebook to do this. So, in this article, I’m gonna tell you about How to Download Facebook Data At Once. You can download all data like photos, videos, chat history, and friend list from your Facebook Account.

Some people use third party tools and browser extensions to download photo albums from Facebook. But, you don’t need any third party tool or extension. Because Facebook provides this feature itself to Download all data.

How To Download Facebook Data

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Why Do You Need to Archive Facebook Data? (Download Facebook Data At Once)

There are several reasons to download all Facebook data or photos:

  • If You deleted your old photos from your smartphone and you need to get back old photos from Facebook.
  • You want to backup Facebook messages.
  • You lost your personal phone and your photos are only on Facebook account.
  • You want to backup you all Facebook account data.

So, this feature is the most useful feature by Facebook. Because sometimes we need to download all photos, videos, and messages from Facebook and if we download all photos one by one then it takes a lot of time. So, it is better to download all photos and videos at once. So, here is the guide on How To Download Facebook Data.

How To Download Facebook Data (Facebook Archive)

So, here are the steps to download all photos from your Facebook account at once.

1. Open from PC/Laptop and Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Open Settings by click on the arrow on the top right.

Open Settings How To Download Facebook Data

3. Click on Download a  copy of your Facebook data. (This option is available below the General Account Settings)

Download a  copy of your Facebook data

4. After that, A New page will be open to Download your information. Click on Start my archive. And Enter the Password of Facebook account.

 Click on Start my archive

5. Again Click on Start my archive and  you will see the message “We are gathering your information and will send an e-mail to [email protected] when it is ready to download“. Click on Okay button.

Click on Start my archive and okay button

So, after some time when your data will be available to download, Facebook will send you an email (Now you can download Facebook photos and all data).

Note: If you are using Gmail, then check email in the Social menu of Gmail.

6. To download your archive Again open Facebook from desktop and Go to SettingsDownload a  copy of your Facebook data > Click on Download Archive.

Click on Download Archive

7. Enter the password of your Facebook account and download your Facebook data.

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Which Information and Data are available to Download?

You can download almost all data from your Facebook account. Also, this feature is best to backup Facebook photos and data.

Info and data which you gotDescription
All PhotosYou got all your photos from your Facebook account.
All VideosYou also got all uploaded videos
Contact InformationYour Contact information like Mobile number, Email and address from your Facebook account
Friend list with DateThis archive also provide the friend list with date
MessagesAll chat history is available on this archive
Removed FriendsFriends which are removed by you from your friend list
Status UpdatesYou also got all status updates
Timeline ActivityAll timeline activity log

Facebook Archive also provides other information of your account like Account Status History, Birthday Visibility, Check-ins, Connections, Chat, Address, Current City, Deleted Friends, Emails, Events, Family, Favorite Quotes, Followers, Following, IP Addresses, Name Changes, Logins, Logouts, and Registration Date etc.

Final Words

So, this is the simplest and best way to download Facebook data at once. With Facebook archive, You can also backup your messages from Facebook account. Also, you get all information and data from your Facebook account. Because it is a complete backup of your Facebook account. If you are searching for ‘How To Download Facebook Data’, then this guide is useful for you.

You can also get all status updates and friend list in this archive.

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