How To Customize WhatsApp Color And Theme (Android & iPhone)

How To Customize WhatsApp Color And Theme: If you bored from WhatsApp default color and want to change WhatsApp theme, then you are on the right page. By default, there is no option available to change the WhatsApp theme. But, here are the tips to customize WhatsApp color and theme. You don’t need to root your Android device. Also, you don’t need to download any third party app to do this.

There are many popular third-party WhatsApp apps available, that give more features than official WhatsApp. But, these apps are not trusted because third-party apps may contain malware or spyware. But, if you have compromised with your privacy then, you can install GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus. These apps provide a lot of features.

Recently, I also wrote about to change WhatsApp font color. With this trick, you can send WhatsApp text messages with blue color. But, many WhatsApp users also want to change the whole WhatsApp color. That’s why people also do searches for WhatsApp colors and themes.

How To Customize WhatsApp Color And Theme

Most of the WhatsApp users getting bored from WhatsApp default color. But, WhatsApp only allows changing its background. So, many people search for WhatsApp black, WhatsApp pink, and purple WhatsApp. Because most of the girls love the pink and purple color, and most of the boys love black color. So, here is how to customize WhatsApp color and theme. With this method, you can change your WhatsApp color as you want.

How To Customize WhatsApp Color And Theme

Everyone knows about to change WhatsApp Background (you can set any color and wallpaper). But, more than 35% area of the screen contained by the keyboard while you are typing. When you set the red background color of your WhatsApp and the keyboard is white or black, then it doesn’t look good. So, you also need to change the color of the keyboard with matching the background.

  1. Change WhatsApp Background color.
  2. Change Keyboard Theme or color.

Customize WhatsApp Color And Theme On Android SmartPhone

Step 1. Change WhatsApp Background Color

Below are the steps to change WhatsApp background:

  • Open WhatsApp Settings by a tap on the three vertical dots from the top right of the screen. After that, tap on the Chats option. (Go To Settings > Chats)
  • Now tap on the “Wallpaper” option, and you will see the 5 options.
    1. Gallery – Set image background from a gallery.
    2. Solid Color – Select any solid color.
    3. WhatsApp Library – Set background from the Whatsapp Library (WhatsApp downloaded images).
    4. Default – Set WhatsApp default bubble background.
    5. No Background – Remove Whatsapp background and set light grey wallpaper. open wallpaper and solid color
  • Select any color from the solid color and tap on the Set button that you want to set as background. (You can also select any image from the gallery). Select and set color from the solid color

Now, open any chat thread and you will see the changed background color. But, it may don’t look good because of poor color contrast. So, you need to change keyboard’s color that matched with your WhatsApp background.

Step 2. Change Keyboard Color

If your Android smartphone has a stock Android, then Gboard (Google keyboard) is preinstalled on your device. But, if Gboard is not installed on your smartphone, you need to install it from the Play Store.

Download and install Gboard (Official Google Keyboard) from Play Store:

There are many other keyboard apps available in the Google Play Store. But, Google Keyboard is an official keyboard by Google for Android and it gives the option to change its colors and themes.

  • After installing the Gboard app Go to Settings > Language & Input > Select Gboard from Current Keyboard option. (If you already use Gboard, then skip this step).
  • Now tap on the Gboard from Language & Input. After that, tap on the Theme option. open Theme option
  • Select any color that you want to change and tap on the “Apply” button. You can also select any wallpaper or image from the gallery. (Select the matching color of your WhatsApp Background) Select any color and apply it

That’s all. Now open WhatsApp app and open any chat thread. You will see the new customized WhatsApp with new colors.

Note: Above options may differ in some Android smartphone. For example, In Samsung phones, the Language and Input option is under General Management. And you need to select Google keyboard from Default keyboard option.

Customize WhatsApp Color And Theme On iPhone

Step 1: Change WhatsApp Background Color On iPhone

  • Open WhatsApp and Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Wallpaper. (Tap on the Settings from the bottom right of the screen and tap on the chat settings. After that, tap on the Chat Wallpaper option.)
  • When you tap on the Chat Wallpaper option, you will see three options.
    1. WhatsApp Library – Select wallpaper from WhatsApp library.
    2. Solid Color – Select any solid color.
    3. Photos – Select images from your iPhone.
  • Select any Solid color or wallpaper from WhatsApp library and tap on the Set button to apply the background. Change WhatsApp Background Color On iPhone

After that, you will see the changes in background. Now you need to change keyboard’s color.

Step 2: Change Keyboard color on iPhone

  • First of all, you need to download Rainbow Key app from the App Store. Below is the link to download Rainbow key. 
  • After that, Open Rainbow Key app and select keyboard background. (Select the WhatsApp background matching color)
  • Now, open any chat thread to type. When you see the keyboard, tap and hold on the Globe icon from the bottom of the keyboard and select Rainbow Key. After that, you will see the new keyboard that you selected from the Rainbow key app. select Rainbow Key

Examples Of WhatsApp Themes

1. WhatsApp Black

WhatsApp Black

2. Pink WhatsApp

pink whatsapp

3. Purple WhatsApp

purple whatsapp

So, these are some examples of WhatsApp customization.

Final Words

So, guys, this is the guide on how to customize WhatsApp color and theme. This customization depends on you, which color you like the most. Also, you need to select matching colors for both keyboard and background. You can do this on Android and iPhone without root or jailbreak your phone. This is not a trick, but yes, this may useful for customization lovers. These tips definitely change your WhatsApp chat experience.

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