How To Block All Calls Start With 91140

In India, 140 series is a telemarketing call series. If you tired from these unwanted calls, there are two options for blocking these calls. First, is using DND (Do not disturb) service and the second is use call block applications. There are many call block applications, but many of these you need to add every number manually to block. If you activate DND service, then all marketing calls will be blocked by the service provider.

If you don’t want to activate DND service and block all calls start with 91140 from your phone. Use Calls Blacklist app for android. With this application, you can block all calls that start with 91140. This is a very lightweight application. Everyone uses TrueCaller and it also blocks all spam calls. But it is not a lightweight application.

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How To Block All Calls Start With 91140 Using Calls Blacklist app in android:

  1. Download and Install Calls Blacklist  by Vlad Lee Communication from google play store.
  2. Open calls blacklist and tap on Plus icon.
  3. Open Begins with from the options.Block All Calls Start With 91140
  4. Type 91140 and tap on OK.type 91140 to Block All Calls Start With 91140

Now all calls that start with 91140 will be blocked. You can also block other calls with this application.

Features of Calls Blacklist:

  • Blacklist.
  • Calls block by prefix (Begins with the number).
  • Block private number.
  • Block all calls except Contacts.
  • WhiteList.
  • Schedule blocking (Set time for blocking).
  • Log of all blocked calls.

The Calls Blacklist application has free and paid versions. The free version of Calls Blacklist contains ads. And paid version has no ads. There is one more feature in the paid version. You can set the days from weeks to schedule blocking. But all main features are totally free in this app.

This application is used when you don’t want to activate DND (Do not disturb) service or you want to block calls permanently or temporarily.

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